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Infection Control Quiz

all are part of PPE except

A. gowns

B. paper towels

C. mask

D. gloves

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-ology 3M Micropara 5 Major Food Groups A Treat For Mosquitoes A&P Musculoskeletal Abnormal Psychology; Assessment and Diagnosis Absorption, Lymphatic System, and Blood Vessels Acute Responses to Exercise Adaptive Immune System Advanced Stretching SM2 ADVBIO Genetics AEMT EMS Systems Aerobic- Cardio Respiratory Endurance All About Bacteria All About Blood Anatomical Terminology Anatomy Anatomy & Physiology Anatomy & Physiology: Respiratory Anatomy - Cellular Respiration Anatomy - Muscle Contraction and Growth Anatomy - Muscle Histology/NMJ/Physiology Anatomy and Histology of Stomach Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy and Physiology Skeletal System Anatomy and Physiology- Cardiovascular Sysytem Anatomy Muscles Anatomy of the Eye Anatomy Respiratory System Anatomy: Muscle Animal Genetics and Nutrition Ankle Injuries Ankle, Foot, & LL - Injuries Antibiotic in Orthopaedics Antimicrobial Pharmacology Anxiety Disorders Arteries Aseptic Technique & Sterile Comp Review Asexual Reproduction Asexual/Sexual Reproduction Asthma Atoms and Radioactivity Auditory and Vestibular Neurology Autism Awareness Axial & Appendicular Skeleton Bacteria Bacteria & Disease Bacteria & Viruses Bacteria and Protist Review Bacteria and Viruses Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa Fungi Bacterial Protein Synthesis Inhbitors Bacterial Resistance and Biotechnology Bacteriology Balanced Diet Basic Structure of the Human Body Beneath the Skin Benefits of Physical Activity Biochemistry Biochemistry of Diabetes Biochemistry Vocabulary Biochemistry/Cells Biocomposite Biodiversity Biodiversity Conservation Biological Molecules Biology Biology Assessment Biology for Engineers Biomedical BIOMEDICAL MCQ Biopsychology - Neuroplasticity and Functional Recovery Biotechnology Blood Blood & Blood Vessels Blood and Bones Blood Cells Blood clotting Blood Donation Blood Formation and Clotting Blood Groups Blood Pathology Blood Pressure Blood Pressure and Blood Vessels Blood types and Blood Components Blood Typing Blood/Lymphatic/Immune BMI (Body Mass Index) BMI, Body Composition and Body Types BMS Cell Cycle and Cancer Body Body Defense Body Fluids Body Fluids & Circulation Body Fluids and Blood Cells Body Movements Body Structures and Organ Systems Body System Body System Interactions Body Systems Body Systems & Anatomical Terms Body Systems and Medical Sciences Bonding and the Periodic Table Bone Bone Development and Remodeling Bone Marrow Histology Bone Physiology Bone Shapes & Long Bone Anatomy Bones Bones Anatomy Bones and Muscles Bones, Joints and Muscles Brain Brain and Nervous System Brain, Neurons and The Nervous System Brain/Neuron Anatomy Branches of Medicine Branches of Microbiology Breath Breathing ...Respiration Breathing System BTEC Biological Approach Revise Burns and Skin Cancer CABG Surgery Cancer & Cell Cycle Cancer (Bio II) Carbohydrate Metabolism Carbohydrates Carbohydrates / Fat-soluble Vitamins Carbohydrates and Proteins Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids Cardiac & Diseases of Blood Flow Cardio and Resp Disorders Cardiology Cardiology Medications Cardiology Services Med Terms Cardiopulmonary Cardiorespiratory Endurance Cardiorespiratory System Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Adaptation Refresher Cardiovascular and Respiratory Cardiovascular Diseases Cardiovascular Med Terms Cardiovascular Nursing Cardiovascular Pathophysiology Cardiovascular Physiology - Function Cardiovascular System Cardiovascular System Anatomy Cardiovascular System Terminology Careers in Health Care Cariology Cartilage Cell Cell & Bond Cell - Fundamental Unit of Life Cell and Muscle Histology Cell and Tissue Cell Bio Cell Biology & Biotechnology Cell Cycle Cell Cycle Problems Cell Cycle; Cancer Cell Diversity - Organization, Tissues, Plants and Animals Cell Division Cell Injury Cell Reproduction Cell Review Cell Structure and Function Cell Structure and Functions Cell Theory Cell Theory & Melanoma Cell Theory and Cell Organelles Cells Cells & Body Systems Cells and Organ Systems Cells, Genetics & Heredity Review Cells, Tissues and Organs Cellular and Sexual Reproduction Cellular Components Cellular Respiration Central and Peripheral Nervous System Central Nervous System Characteristics of Life Characteristics of Life & Viruses Chemistry Chest, Back, Abs Child Development Child Growth and Development Children Well-being Cholera Chronic Diseases Circulation and Excretion Circulation of Blood Circulatory & Lymphatic Circulatory & Respiratory Circulatory & Respiratory System Circulatory and Lymphatic System Circulatory and Nervous System Circulatory and Respiratory System Circulatory System Circulatory System - Pathway of Blood Circulatory System and Nutrition Circulatory, Artery, Vein - basics Clinical Pathology CLPT, M.Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics; Regulatory Affairs CNA Introduction Common Diseases in Human Beings Common Respiratoty Diseases Communicable Disease Communicable Diseases and Immune Response (OCR) Compact Bone Components of Blood Components of Food Components of Physical Fitness Composition of Blood and Blood Cells Composition Of Human Blood Confusion, Dementia, & Alzheimers Disease Conjunctivita Connective Tissue Consciousness and Sleep Contemporary Nutrition Issues Corona Coronary Heart Diseases Cosmetology Cosmetology Anatomy Counseling: Fact or Myth? Covid-19 CP A&P: Cardiovascular CPR CVA Deaf Blind Defence against Infectious Diseases Deficiency Disease Deficiency Diseases Defining Health and Wellness Dementia Dental Caries Dental Specialties Dentistry Dermatology Dermatology Vocabulary Dermatosis Dermis Diabetes Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes Pathophysiology Diagnostic Tools Diagnostics and Pathology Reports Diet Differentiation and Division of Human Cells Digestion Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates Digestion and Microbes Digestive and Circulatory System Digestive System Digestive System (Gastroenterology) Digestive System and Nutrition Digestive System Medical Terminology Dimensions of Wellness Disabilities Disability Etiquette & Physical Activities Discovery of DNA Disease Disease & Immunity Disease and Immunity Disease as a Failure of Homeostasis Disease Cards Disease Outbreak and Transmission Disease Prevention Disease, Illness and Sickness Diseases Diseases & Disorders Diseases and Preventions Diseases Communicable or non Communicable Diseases Key Terms Diseases of Digestive System Diseases of The Body Systems Diseases of The Digestive System Diseases of The Nervous System Disorders of The Joints Diversity Division of Microbiology DNA DNA & Types of Reproduction DNA and Genetic Manipulation DNA and Polypeptide Synthesis DNA Replication DNA Structure and Function Doctor Equipments Dyslexia Ear/Eye Medical Terms Ears Ecology Ecology & Organisms Economic importance of Bacteria Eczema Effect of Exercise on Cardio Respiratory System & Muscular Effects of Exercise on the Musculoskeletal System EKG CCMA EKG Medical Term EM Spectrum Embryology EMR - Trauma EMR Pathophysiology EMS Systems Endocrine System Endocrine System and Nervous System Endocrinology Endodontic Surgery Energy, Hydrology, Microbiology Entomology Environment Environmental Biotechnology Enzyme Enzymes Epidemiology Epithelial Epithelial Tissue Erythrocyte Disorders ESR (RBC sed rate) Essential Nutrients Excretion Excretion in Humans Excretion-Dialysis Excretory and Musculoskeletal System Excretory System Eye Eye and Ear Eye Histology Eye or Nose Injuries Eye Physiology Eyes Eyes and Hearing Facial & Dental Injuries Factors Affecting Health Factors that Affect Health and Wellness Fad Diets Fainting and Nosebleed Fat Fats And Oil First Aid First Aid Bleeding First Aid Check up Fish Health Management Fitness Fluid and Electrolytes Food Food and Health & Bones and Muscles Food and Nutrition Food for Thought Food System & Nutrients Foodborne Illness Foot Orthosis Vocab Forensic Odontology Forensic Pathology Forensic Pathology (Autopsy) Assessment Forensics Terms Forensics: Blood Functional Anatomy in Track & Field Functional Neuroanatomy of the CNS Fungi/Bacteria/Biotechnology Gaseous Exchange in Humans Gastroenterology Gene Cloning Gene Expression General Anatomy Genes and Cells Genes, Chromosomes and Genome Genes, Genomes & Alleles Genetic Diseases Genetic Engineering Genetics Genetics and Censorship Genetics Vocabulary Genetics: Viruses and Bacteria Geriatrics Germs Germs & Diseases Glucose in the Body Haematology Hair Evidence Hazards & Risks HCMA - Hematology Head and Neck Anatomy Health Health & Wellness Vocabulary Health - Nutrition Health and Disease Health and Diseases Health and Hygiene Health and Medicine Health and Nutrition Health and Social Care Health and The Environment Health and Wellness Health Care Health issue related to immune system Health Issues and Concerns Health Issues Related to Digesting System and Eating Habits Health Related Fitness Health Systems Health Unit Coordinating Health-Wellness-Illness Healthcare Careers Healthcare Delivery Systems and Insurance Healthcare Systems and Insurance Healthcare Systems and Settings Healthy Foundations Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Living Healthy Living Vocabulary Hearing Impairment Heart Heart Anatomy Heart and Blood Vessels Heart and Circulatory System Heart Structure and Double Circulation Heart Vocab and Blood Flow Pathway Hele Skeletal System Hematologic System Hematology Hematology Acute Leukemias Hematology Lab Values Hemodynamic Disorder Hemodynamics Herd Immunity Heredity Heredity and Living Cells Heterotrophic Nutrition HFT Vitamins HHB Immunology Histology Histology - Tissues Histology of Nervous and Muscle Tissues Histology: Cell & Epithelial Tissue History of Healthcare History of Immunology History of Medicine History of Psychology HNBS Intern Homeostasis Homeostasis - Vision Correction Homeostasis and Disease Homeostasis, Nutrition, Digestion & Absorption Homeotic Genes and Cancer Hormones Hospice Basics Hospital Departments Hospital Unit Hospital Wards and Departments Hospitality How the Eyes work Human Anatomy Human Anatomy and Physiology Human Anatomy and Physiology - Types of Tissues Human Anatomy Study Guide Human Body Human Body and Pathogens Human Body Systems Human Brain Human Circulatory System Human Digestive System Human Excretory System Human Eye Human Eye and Colorful World Human Eye and Colourful World Human Genetics Human Genome and Bioethics Review Human Health Human Muscle Human Organ System Human Organs Human Physiology Human Reproduction Human Urinary System Humanistic and Biological Psychology Hygiene and Nutrition ICU Illness and Symptoms Illnesses and Diseases in Caregiving Immune Cells Faction Immune Response Immune System Immunisation Immunity Immunity & Cancer Immunity and Vaccines Immunity in Humans Immunology Immunology and Serology Immunology IBD Infant Nutrition Infection Infection Control Infection Detection Infectious Disease Infectious Disease and Pathogens Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases & the WHO Inflammation and Healing Inflammation and Tissue Repair Inhalation Injury Inheritance Inherited & Acquired Traits Injuries in Archery Injury Innate Immunity Integumentary and Musculoskeletal System Integumentary and Musculoskeletal Systems Integumentary System Integumentary System & Body Directions Integumentary System Medical Terminology Integumentary System: Skin Disorder Intravenous Fluid Therapy Introduction to Histology Introduction to Kinesiology Introduction to Mycology Introduction to Pharmacology Iron Kinetics IV Therapy and Blood Transfusion Joints Joints & Movement Joints and Range of Motion Joints in our Body Kidney - Loop of Henl Kinetics Knee Anatomy Laboratory Careers Leaves Levels of Organization Life Cycle - Bee Life Processes Life Processes - Digestion and Respiration Life Processes Excretion Lifestyle Diseases Lifetime Wellness Limitation of Senses Linked Gene Lipid Metabolism Lipids Liveability Living Organisms Living Organisms & Animal Behaviors Lung & Breathing Lungs Lymphatic System Macro and Micro Nutrients Macromolecules Macromolecules & Enzymes Macromolecules & Nutrients Macronutrients & Micronutrients Major Internal Organs of the Body Major Nutrients Major Organs Malaria Male Reproductive System Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2 Max) Measles and Hib Mechanical Digestion Med Term Musculoskeletal Medical Careers Medical Nursing Medical Suffixes Medical Terminology Medical Terminology Gastroinestinal Gastroenterology Medical Terminology Prefixes Medical Vocabulary Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues Medication Administration Medicinal use of Microorganisims MEDICINE Medicine Clinics Medicine on the Western Front Meiosis and intro to Genetics Mental Health Metabolic Sauver Metabolism Micro Immunology Microbes Microbes and Infectious Disease Microbial Growth Microbial Growth & Nutrition Microbio (Viruses) Microbiology Microorganism - Diseases Microorganisms, Health and Diseases Microrganisms Mitosis Mitosis for Mya Mnt For Pulmonary Disease and Adverse Reactions to Food Molecular Basis of Inheritance Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics Molecular Genetics Integrated Science Monoclonal Antibodies Motor Neuron Disease Mouth - Stomach Movement Movement and Locomotion MS Neurology Multicellular Organisms: Organisation Muscle & Nerve Tissue Muscle Anatomy Muscle Histology Muscle Origin, Insertion, and Function Muscle pathophysiology Muscle System Muscle Tissue Muscle Tissues Muscles Muscles and Healthy Body Muscles and Movements Muscoskeletal Injuries Muscoskeletal System Muscular Muscular System Muscular System Movements Muscular System NCHSE Muscularskeletal System Musculoskeletal Musculoskeletal - Clinical Musculoskeletal Anatomy: Knee Musculoskeletal Diseases Musculoskeletal Injuries Musculoskeletal Injuries & Workstation Design Musculoskeletal LE Musculoskeletal System Musculoskeletal/Endocrine Systems Mutation & Genetic Engineering Mutations Mutations, Replication, and Cancer My Teeth Mycology Myocarditis Nail Nail Diseases and Disorders Nail Enhancement Name that Pathogen Nasal Polyp Nature of Science Nephrology (Hemodialysis) Nerve Injuries in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Nervous & Endocrine Systems Nervous / Sensory System Nervous System Nervous System and Special Senses Nervous System Functioning Nervous System/Endocrine System Nervous System: Diseases/Problems/Illnesses Neuroanatomy Neuroanatomy & Physiology Neuroanatomy of CNS Neurological Concepts Neurological Disorders Neurology Neuron Structure Neurons Non-Communicable Disease Non-infectious Disease Normal Radiographic Anatomy Nucleic Acids Nursing Vocabulary Nutrient Cycling Nutrients in Food Nutrition Nutrition & Wellness Nutrition - Digestive System Nutrition and Biochemistry Vocabulary Nutrition and Calorific Value Nutrition and Human Digestive System Nutrition form 2 Nutrition In Animal Nutrition in Animals Nutrition in Humans and Animals Nutrition Lipid Nutrition Vocabulary Nutrition, Neuroscience & Mental Health Nutritional Measurements Nutritional Trivia Obesity Obstructive Lung Disease ology & phobia Oncology Oral Hygiene Oral Surgery Organ Senses and Locomotor System Organ Systems Organelles Organization of Systems Oronasal Suctioning Ortho Ward Simulation Orthopaedic Neurology Orthopedic Surgeon Orthopedics Osteoporosis Oxygenation Paeds Edema Pain Management Pancreas Pancreatitis Parathyroid Gland Parts of Human Body Parts of the Body Parts of the Brain Parts of the Skin Pathogens Pathogens - Bacteria and Viruses Pathogens, Disease and Immunity Pathology Pathology - Chronic Inflammation Pathology Endocrine Pathology Inflammation Pathology Introduction Cell Injury Pathology of Respiratory System Pathophysiology Pathophysiology - Adaptive Immunity Pathophysiology_Endocrine Patho_Genetics PBS Routine Testing Pediatric Cardiology Pediatrics Perioperative Nursing Care Personal Growth Plan Pharmacology Pharmacology Vitamins PHE PHE Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy Phlebotomy Phlebotomy Medical Terminology Physical Physical Activity Physical and Sensory Impairment Physical Education Physical Education and Health Physical Fitness Physical fitness , Wellness and Lifestyle Physical Fitness Components Physical Pharmacy Physio Intro Practice Physiology PHYSIOLOGY OF KIDNEY Pituitary, Thyroid and Adrenal Plant Biotechnology Plasmid Polio Pollution Population Ecology Population Genetics Prehabilitation and Conditioning Principle of Health Science Principles of Microbiology Prokaryotic Cells and Viruses Properties of Hair and Scalp Properties of the Hair Properties of The Hair and Scalp Proteins Proteins, Amino Acids, & Enzymes Protozoan Diseases Psoriasis Psychiatry Psychology Psychology Vocabulary Psychology, Psychiatry, & Social Work Psychopathology Public Health and Genetic Disease Pulmonary Edema and CHF Pulmonary System Pulmonology Pulmonology/Respiratory Pulse Purpose and Function of the Skeletal System Radiation and Health Radiography Radiology Infection Control RDA Dental Caries Receptors Regulating the Cell Cycle Regulation of Heart Rate Regulation of Urine Formation Renal Renal and Gastrointestinal System Renal Pharmacology Renal Replacement Therapies Renal System - Pharmacology Renal, Cancer, HIV Reproduction Reproduction in Human Beings Reproductive System Vocabulary Respiration Respiration Anatomy and Physiology Respiration, Immune System, Blood Cells Respiratory Respiratory Acidosis Respiratory and Circulatory Respiratory and Urinary Respiratory System Respiratory System Med Term Respiratory, Cardiovascular & Oncology Restrictive Respiratory Disorders Safety and First Aid Safety Terms Salmonella vs E.coli Sarcomere Anatomy Schizophrenia SCI CH2-1 Science Reproduction Selective Breeding Sense of Sight Sensory Disorder Sensory System Key Terms Serology/Blood Typing Sexual Reproduction Shoulder Skel, Musc, Nerv, Circ, Resp Skeletal Muscle Anatomy Skeletal System Skeletal System Homeostatic Imbalances Skeletal System Vocabulary Skeletal Tissue Skeleton Skeleton and Muscles Skills for Health Skin Skin and Derivatives Skin Appendages Skin Diseases Skin Growth Skin Structure Skin Structure and Growth Skin Structure, Growth & Nutrition Skull Smoking Related Diseases Soldiers of Defense Somatotypes Source of Food Sources Of Food Special Senses Specialties: Neurological and Geriatric SPED Law-lympics Speed, Flexibility part of Components of Physical Fitness SSTI and Bone Infections Stem Cells & Cell Differentiation Sterile Medication Products Stimuli and Responses in Humans STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) Stress Stress and Mental Health Stroke Surgical & Complementary Terms Surgical Nutrition Surgical tech-safety Surgical Vocabulary Systematic Bacteriology T Cells Teeth & Microbes Teeth and Microbes Teeths Tenses Terms and Definitions - Diseases Terms for The Skeletal System The Ankle and Lower Leg The Blood The Brain The Brain Our Control Center The Cardiovascular System OCR A-level The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Hemodynamics The Cell The Cell Cycle The Cell Cycle & Cancer The Circulatory System The Digestive System The Ear The Energy Nutrients The Human Body The Human Eye The Inflammatory Response The Microbial World The Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems The Musculoskeletal System The Nervous System The nervous system & brain The Nervous System and The Senses The Respiratory System The Skeletal System The Teeth Therapeutic Services Roots Thrombosis, Emboliya Thyroid Thyroid and Intro to Endocrinology Thyroid Disease Thyroid Gland Tib/Fib, Knee and Femur Tissue Repair Pathology Tissues Tissues of The Body Tissues Vet Science Terms Tissues Vocabulary Tongue and Skin Toxicology Tracheostomy Care Transplantation Immunology Transport System Transport system in Living Things (Human) Transport System in Man Transportation Transportation and Excretion Trauma Trichology Tutor Oral Biology Type 1 Diabetes Type of Dementia Types of Doctors Types of Immunity Types of Medical Reports Types of Nutrients Types of Reproduction Understanding Psychology Nervous System Unintentional Injuries Upper Limb Urinalysis/ Immunology Make up Urinary Urinary System Urinary System and Fluid Balance Urinary System Medical Terms Urinary System, Fluid, Electrolyte and ph Balance Uses of Radioactive Radiation Vaccines Vascular Vessels Vet Terminology Virus Virus and Bacteria Virus, Bacteria, Immunity Viruses Viruses and Prions Viruses Biomolecules Vision Vision & Hearing Vision (AP Psych) Visual Impairment Vital Signs Vitals Vitamin Vitamins Vitamins and Minerals Vocabulary Vocabulary - Health Vocabulary for Organisms in Ecosystems Warm up Water Macromolecules Weight Management Wellness & Influences Wellness Vocabulary What is Psychology? Who am Eye? World Health Day Year 7 Nutrition Your Body