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Respiratory System Quiz


When you exhale, the diaphragm

A. moves upwards

B. moves downwards

C. flattens

D. none of the above

An allergy that affects the respiratory system; may result in difficulty breathing and wheezing

A. Asthma

B. Allergic reaction

C. Cancer

D. Bacteria

Which body system absorbs oxygen from the surrounding air?
A. Circulatory system
B. Digestive system
C. Muscular system
D. Respiratory system

Which of the following is a noninfectious disease that affects the respiratory system?
A. Influenza
B. Parkinson’s disease
C. Cold
D. Asthma

Gills take in oxygen from the water while lungs take in oxygen from the air.

What is the dome-shaped muscle beneath the lungs that helps us breathe.

A. diagram

B. dialysis

C. diaghragm

D. diorama

the windpipe; a passage through which air moves in the respiratory system.

A. trachea

B. lungs

C. larynx

D. bronchi

Tubes that move air from the trachea to the lungs.
A. Alveoli
B. Bronchi
C. Veins
D. Arteries

Pneumonia is mainly caused by bacteria or viruses



Which of the below is NOT a symptom of pneumonia?

A. coughing

B. pain in the chest

C. fever

D. healthy lungs

Which of the following infections is a result of the inflammation of the bronchial tubes?

A. Influenza

B. Parkinson’s disease

C. Cold

D. Bronchitis

What is the function of the ribcage?

A. It protects the lungs.

B. It helps the lungs pump oxygen.

C. It delivers oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream.

D. It connects the trachea to the lungs.

There is a cure for asthma



Which of the following is an infection causes inflammation in the alveoli due to formation of pus?

A. Tuberculosis

B. Pneumonia

C. Asbestosis


In which organ is oxygen absorbed into the blood in fishes?

A. Gills

B. Mouth

C. Nose

D. Stomata

What organ of the respiratory system is in blue.

A. pharynx

B. trachea

C. larynx

D. epiglottis

For serious pneumonia infections, you will stay in hospital



Which of the following refers to a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus?

A. Asthma

B. Bronchitis

C. Emphysema

D. Sinusitis

Which of the following is NOT a health problem that results from diabetes?
A. Heart Disease
B. Kidney disease
C. vision problems
D. lung disease


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