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Commonly used method for enumeration of soil microbial population is:A.B.C.D.

A. Contact slide technique

B. Dilution plate technique

C. Microscopic count

D. Microbial respiration

Dehydrogenase is an endoenzyme



C. Don’t know

Rhizospheres affect microbial population and nutrient availability by:

A. Exerting physical pressure

B. Increasing pore space

C. Secreting nutritive metabolites and organic solvents

D. Changing soil structure

How many tiger reserves are present in Karnataka

A. 50

B. 27

C. 8

D. 6

Antagonistic substances released by microorganisms in the rhizosphere may allow plants to enter ………………. relationship with other plants.

A. commensal

B. symbiotic

C. amensal

D. competition

Biofertilizer is a:

A. Mixture of organic matter and microorganism

B. Culture having the desired strain of microorganisms

C. Mixture of inorganic fertilizer and microorganism

D. Decomposed compost enriched with mineral solubilising bacteria

Phosphates enzyme play a major role in ______ of organic phosphates in soil:

A. Mineralization

B. Adsorption

C. Immobilization

D. None of these

Taj Mahal is threatened due to

A. Sulphur dioxide

B. Carbon dioxide

C. Carbon monoxide

D. Water vapour

The green plants are called

A. Producers

B. Consumers

C. Decomposers

D. None of these

Which of these play a very important role in causing rain fall

A. Vehicles

B. Animals

C. Factories

D. Plants

Which of these activities is eco-friendly?

A. Cars for transportation

B. Polybags for shopping

C. Windmills for generating power

D. Dyes for colouring clothes

———-is the obligatory interaction.

A. Mutualism

B. Commensalism

C. Ammensalism

D. Cooperation

The two components of a ecosystem are

A. Plants and animals

B. Biotic and Abiotic

C. Plants and light

D. Weeds and micro-organisms

Skin microflora is an example of which relationship

A. parasitism

B. commensalism

C. syntrophism

D. amensalism

The word Environment is derived from

A. Greek

B. French

C. Spanish

D. English

Neutralism occurs

A. When populations are in their favourable environment

B. In habitats with high population density

C. When organisms are in their growing stage.

D. Between microbial populations in a community with extremely different metabolic characteristics.

Bioindicators include

A. Soil animals

B. Soil plants

C. Soil enzymes

D. None of the above

E. All of the above

Which energy source pollutes the environment?

A. Solar

B. Wind

C. Hydroelectric

D. Coal

The ultimate source of energy in an ecosystem is the

A. producers

B. Consumers

C. Sun

D. Decomposers

In Lichen, the fungle partener is called as————- a) . b) . c) . c) .

A. Phacobiont

B. Mycobiont

C. Photobiont

D. All of above

Rhizohium culture is used to increase biological nitrogen fixation in….

A. Cereals crops

B. Pulse crops

C. Cotton

D. Oilseeds

Deforestation causes

A. More floods

B. Reduced rainfall

C. Soil erosion

D. All the above

Match the following Picture (representation) to the Correct Symbiotic Relationship by drawing a line from the word to the picture that matches the relationship
A.     A-A, B-A,C-B
B.     A-B, B-C,C-C
C.     A-C, B-B, C-A
D.     A-C, B-B, C-C

The presence of autotrophic mycorrhiza enhances the uptake of nutrients in general, but particularly of:

A. Iron

B. Molybdenum

C. Phosphorus

D. Nitrogen

Rhizosphere refers to the small area:

A. Around the root

B. Near the primary root

C. On the root

D. All of the above


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