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Dolipore septum is seen in ———————-

A. Ascomycetes

B. Oomycetes

C. Basidiomyctes

D. Zygomycetes

In pythium sexual spore is

A. Ascospore

B. Basidiospore

C. Conidia

D. Oospore

Mastigomycota is known as

A. Sac fungi

B. Conidial fungi

C. Zoosporic fungi

D. Club fungi

In Pythium sexual reproduction is by………………………

A. gametagial copulation

B. Planogametic copulation

C. Gametangial contact

D. Spermatization

Disease caused by Pythium is

A. Damping off

B. Anthracnose

C. Leaf spot

D. Canker

Whole fungal thallus transform into a reproductive structure

A. Percarpic

B. Eucapic

C. Holocarpic

D. Enterocarpic

Flagella in Zoospores of pythium is placed as

A. Anteriorly uniflagellate

B. Posteriorly uniflagellate

C. anteriorly biflagellate

D. Latteraly biflagellate

Thick walled resistant spores in fungi

A. Aplanospores

B. Zoospores

C. Conidia

D. Chlamydospres

Membraneous vesicular material embedded in the fungi cell wall external to the line of plasma membrane.

A. Heterosomes

B. Endosomes

C. Lomasomes

D. Exosomes

Thick strands or root like aggregation of somatic hyphae in some fungi——

A. Enteromorph

B. Exomorph

C. Rhizomorph

D. Rhizoids

Fugal thallus with naked mass of protoplasm is

A. Clamydospore

B. Conida

C. Plasmodium

D. Arthrospore


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