Medical Quiz

Diseases Communicable or non Communicable Quiz


Non-communicable diseases are also known as?

A. not severe diseases

B. chronic diseases.

This type of disease can be genetic, not infectious, and can have relapses.

A. communicable

B. non-communicable

Ms Bracey caught a non communicable disease in Thailand, which one?

A. malaria

B. colera

C. typhoid

D. tuberculosis

Communicable diseases are also known as?

A. infectious diseases

B. non infectious diseases

Viruses, fungi, and bacteria act as agents/vectors for infection are what?

A. how you break your fingers and toes

B. how infectious diseases spread

Communicable diseases can also be caused by the environment, give two other causes of communicable diseases?

A. human to houses

B. person to other people, animals

how the spread of communicable diseases might occur?

A. by sitting on your own in isolation

B. through the air, by direct contact with a contaminated surface, food, etc.

examples of non-communicable diseases.

A. cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s diseases, Down’s syndrome, Kwashiorker

B. broken finger and toe

Chronic as a non-communicable disease means it…?

A. lasts for a longer period of time and progress gradually.

B. a very short time and a speedy recovery

examples of communicable diseases…

A. cold and sneezing

B. broken leg or arms

C. typhoid, cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy

True or False, infectious diseases are hereditary?



one reason why non-communicable diseases can occur at any time of the year?

A. need cold weather to appear

B. not seasonal

How are infectious diseases caused?

A. washing and drying your hands too much

B. Pathogenic microorganisms are the primary cause


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