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Sources Of Food Quiz


The substances present in the food required for the growth and maintenance of the body are called ____.

A. proteins

B. nutrients

C. fats

We do not get this from plants.

A. potato

B. rice

C. eggs

The relationship between organisms for transferring nutrients is called a _____.

A. food chain

B. food web

C. food link

Animals that eat dead plants and animals are called ____.

A. omnivores

B. herbivores

C. scavengers

Which of the following belongs to leguminous plants.

A. green gram

B. wheat

C. barley

Which animals have sharp cutting teeth at the front of their mouths.

A. carnivores

B. scavengers

C. herbivores

We do not get this from plants or animals.

A. honey

B. milk

C. salt

Which of the following is a cereal?

A. green gram

B. carrot

C. wheat

The different items that make up a food are called its _____.

A. masala

B. spices

C. ingredients

Bees make honey from the ____ of flowers.

A. sweet syrup

B. nectar

C. bee wax

Which of the following is a root vegetable?

A. ginger

B. asparagus

C. turnip

Scavengers help the environment by consuming dead _____ and thereby keep surroundings clean.

A. plants

B. birds

C. carcasses

Seeds are found in pods in the ____ plants.

A. cereals

B. grass family

C. leguminous

The food we eat each day makes up our ____.

A. nutrition

B. diet

C. vitamins

Which of the following is a flower vegetable?

A. bamboo shoot

B. lettuce

C. broccoli

Which of the following swallow their prey whole?

A. tiger

B. cow

C. snake

A food chain always starts with _____.

A. consumers

B. herbivore

C. producers

Oil is obtained from the seeds of ____.

A. coffee

B. cocoa

C. mustard

The seeds obtained from plants of grass family are called ___.

A. cereals

B. pulses

C. vegetables

Which of the following has long sticky tongue to catch the prey.

A. snake

B. leopard

C. frog


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