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The Digestive System Quiz


Which other two systems work with the digestive system?

A. Nervous and skeletal

B. Respiratory and musculoskeletal

C. Nervous and circulatory

D. Musculoskeletal and immune

Which of the following is NOT involved in the process of digestion?

A. Kidney

B. Liver

C. Pancreas

D. Gallbladder

What part of the digestive system absorbs and digests food the most?

A. Stomach

B. Pancreas

C. Small intestine

D. Large intestine

What are the two major functions of the digestive system?

A. ingestion and circulation

B. ingestion and elimination

C. digestion and circulation

D. digestion and absorption

What is the function of the gallbladder?

A. produce bile

B. store bile

C. absorb vitamins

D. digest protein

What enzyme does the mouth produce to break down food?

A. Bail

B. Saliva

C. Lipase

D. Amylase

Where does the digestion begin?

A. Mouth

B. Oesophagus

C. Stomach

D. Throat

The function of the liver is to…

A. absorb vitamins

B. produce bile

C. store bile

D. digest protein

What is the correct order of the following processes?

A. ingestion, digestion, elimination, absorption

B. digestion, ingestion, absorption, elimination

C. ingestion, digestion, absorption, elimination

D. digestion, elimination, ingestion, absorption

What is the muscular tube that passes food to the stomach?

A. Trachea

B. Oesophagus

C. Bronchial tubes

D. Mouth

wave-like contractions are called…

A. esophagus

B. pancreas

C. peristalsis

D. epiglottis


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