Medical Quiz

Ear/Eye Medical Terms Quiz


Surgical repair of the tympanic membrane (ear drum)

A. rhinoplasty

B. myringoplasty

C. retinoplasty

D. diplopia

Condition of double vision

A. diplopia

B. biopic

C. myopia

D. tinnitus

Instrument for visual examination of the ear

A. laryngoscope

B. spirometer

C. otoscope

D. stethoscope

Pertaining to eye/vision

A. corneal

B. cold

C. optic

D. oral


A. hydr/o

B. hidr/o

C. cry/o

D. my/o

Record of hearing

A. telegram

B. audiogram

C. hologram

D. otalgia


A. myring/o

B. ot/o

C. opt/o

D. or/p

Malignant tumor of the retina

A. carcinoma

B. melanoma

C. lymphoma

D. retinoblastoma

Medical instrument to measure hearing

A. Audiometer

B. Audiologist

C. Tonometer

D. Sphygmomanometer

Earache. Pain in the ear

A. otalgia

B. cephalgia

C. encephalopathy

D. audiometer

Surgical repair of the eyelid

A. myringoplasty

B. blepharoplasty

C. keratoplasty

D. rhinoplasty

instrument for visual examination of the tympanic membrane (ear drum)

A. otoscope

B. laryngoscope

C. myringoscope

D. otitis media

Any disease of the retina

A. retinopathy

B. encephalopathy

C. photophobia

D. xerophtalmia

Surgical repair of the cornea

A. myringoplasty

B. blepharoplasty

C. keratoplasty

D. rhinoplasty

Medical instrument used to measure intraocular pressure

A. audiometer

B. audiogram

C. optic

D. tonometer

Surgical excision of the tympanic membrane (ear drum)

A. appendectomy

B. splenectomy

C. myringectomy

D. lobectomy

Pertaining to the cornea

A. renal

B. pharyngeal

C. retinal

D. corneal

Specialist in eye diseases

A. Ophthalmologist

B. Optometrist

C. Endocrinologist

D. Pulmonologist

Suffix meaning surgical repair

A. -oma

B. -plasty

C. -scope

D. -scopy

Light sensitive (afraid of light)

A. agoraphobia

B. photophobia

C. arachnophobia

D. acrophobia

Ringing or roaring in the ears

A. sinusitis

B. rhinitis

C. cystitis

D. tinnitus

Dry eye condition

A. retinopathy

B. xerophtalmia

C. retinoblastoma

D. myringoscope

Specialist in ear, nose and throat, also known as ENT doctors

A. ophthalmologist

B. cardiologist

C. otorhinolaryngologist

D. neurologist

Inflammation of the ear

A. cystitis

B. otitis

C. arthritis

D. endocarditis


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