Fitness Quiz


Chocolate and other sweets are okay as long as you have them sometimes and the portion is small.  
A. False 
B. True 

What is TABATA Training Protocol as coined by Dr Izumi Tabata?

A. 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise follow by 10 seconds of rest

B. 20 seconds of intense exercise follow by 20 seconds of rest

C. 20 seconds of intense exercise follow by 10 seconds of rest

D. 20 seconds of moderate exercise follow by 10 seconds of rest

E. 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise follow by 20 seconds of rest

The body’s proportion of fat, muscle, and bone is:
A. Muscular Strength
B. Aerobic Fitness
C. Muscular Endurance
D. Body Composition

You must ……………………… eating a lot of sugar. It is very harmful for your health.
A. replenish
B. cut down on
C. sound
D. opt for

What does it mean for something to be anaerobic?
A. It requires CO2
B. It does not require CO2
C. It requires oxygen
D. It does not require oxygen

Yoga helps improve which component of fitness the most…
A. Flexibility
B. Speed
C. Muscle Strength
D. Agility

What is the best definition below for INTENSITY?

A. The number of days you exercise each week

B. How hard you exercise

C. How long you exercise

D. The specific exercise you do during your workout

What is short-lasting, high intensity activity that doesn’t use oxygen?
A. Aerobic
B. Swimming
C. Anaerobic
D. Playing basketball

What component of health-related fitness does the push-up test?

A. Muscular endurance

B. Flexibility

C. Lower back strength and flexibility

D. Strength

E. Cardiorespiratory endurance

If an exercise is to easy to complete , you should …. ?

A. Increase the Set of exercises

B. Increase the Repetition of exercises

C. Increase the quality of the exercise ( movement)

D. All of the above

What type of exercise is this?
A.     Jumping Jacks
B.     Breathing
C.     Tennis
D.     Stretching

Using your muscles many times without tiring.
A. Power
B. Muscular Strength
C. Muscular Endurance
D. Coordination

What type of stretches should we complete before taking part in physical activity?

A. Dynamic

B. Static

C. Both

D. High intensity training

____________ is planned physical activity done regularly to build or maintain one’s fitness.





Eating only one type of food is a good choice if it is a healthy food
A. Fact
B. Rumor

Components of Fitness :

A. Speed

B. Emotional

C. Environment

D. Physical

a very dangerous illness

A. Flu

B. Cancer

C. Cold

D. Studying

What is (are) the byproduct(s) of aerobic respiration?

A. Glucose and oxygen

B. Carbon dioxide and water

C. Lactic acid

D. Carbon monoxide

always busy and doing a lot of things

A. Active

B. Pasive

C. Bored

D. Interested

You can’t function properly when you are ……………………….. of sleep.
A. deprived
B. taken
C. sufficient
D. opt

“3 Days a Week” is an example of a…
A. Frequency
B. Intensity
C. Time
D. Type

Try to reduce your ………………………. of fat.
A. sufficient
B. sound
C. brisk
D. intake

Components of wellness

A. Physical, Environment, Emotional, Personal and Intellectual

B. Environment, Emotional, Interpersonal, Physical and Intellectual

C. Environment, Interpersonal, Knowledge, Physical and Emotional

D. Interpersonal, Emotional, Physical, Experience and Intellectual

The FITT principle stands for

A. frequency, intensity, training and type

B. frequency, intensity, time and type

C. flexibility, interacting with training and time

D. four components, increasing, to tone and treat illness

Advantages of fitness EXCEPT :

A. Relaxation and release stress

B. Increase risk of disease

C. Improve the sleeping habit

D. Reduce risk of disease


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