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Fitness Quiz


serious illnesses

A. Weightlifting

B. Diet

C. Diseases

D. Junk food

What is TABATA Training Protocol as coined by Dr Izumi Tabata?

A. 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise follow by 10 seconds of rest

B. 20 seconds of intense exercise follow by 20 seconds of rest

C. 20 seconds of intense exercise follow by 10 seconds of rest

D. 20 seconds of moderate exercise follow by 10 seconds of rest

E. 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise follow by 20 seconds of rest

small living things that can make you ill

A. Cats

B. Cold

C. Flu

D. Viruses

Nowadays, many health problems are caused by our ………………………… lifestyles.
A. active
B. sedentary
C. healthy
D. sufficient

a very dangerous illness

A. Flu

B. Cancer

C. Cold

D. Studying

What type of stretches should we complete before taking part in physical activity?

A. Dynamic

B. Static

C. Both

D. High intensity training

How do you calculate your heart rate? 
A. 220-age 
B. Counting for 10 sec and that is your pulse 
C. By checking pulse for 6 sec and multiplying by 10
D. None are correct 

Your goal should be to have a _______________ plate. Fill in the missing word. 
A. Balanced 
B. Healthy 
C. Heavy 
D. Grain Filled 

Chocolate and other sweets are okay as long as you have them sometimes and the portion is small.  
A. False 
B. True 

The push-up test measures_________?
A. Flexibility
B. Cardiovascular Endurance
C. Body Composition
D. Muscular Endurance and Muscle Strength

Using your muscles many times without tiring.
A. Power
B. Muscular Strength
C. Muscular Endurance
D. Coordination

An example of endurance is:

A. sit and reach

B. 40 yard dash

C. push ups

D. pacer/mile

_____________ is a measure of the most weight you can lift or the most force you can exert at one time.





Try to reduce your ………………………. of fat.
A. sufficient
B. sound
C. brisk
D. intake

a feeling of worry because of problems in your life

A. Cancer

B. Diet

C. Stress

D. Relax

The ability to move your joints through a full range of motion.
A. Reaction Time
B. Flexibility
C. Muscular Endurance
D. Agility

The FITT principle stands for

A. frequency, intensity, training and type

B. frequency, intensity, time and type

C. flexibility, interacting with training and time

D. four components, increasing, to tone and treat illness

a sport in which people have to be very strong

A. Weightlifting

B. cycling

C. dancing

D. dancing

Components of wellness

A. Physical, Environment, Emotional, Personal and Intellectual

B. Environment, Emotional, Interpersonal, Physical and Intellectual

C. Environment, Interpersonal, Knowledge, Physical and Emotional

D. Interpersonal, Emotional, Physical, Experience and Intellectual

HIIT workout focus on

A. Cardio only

B. Muscle Building only

C. Both Cardio and Muscle Building

Advantages of fitness EXCEPT :

A. Relaxation and release stress

B. Increase risk of disease

C. Improve the sleeping habit

D. Reduce risk of disease

What is rhythmic, nonstop moderate to vigorous activity that requires large amounts of oxygen?
A. Aerobic
B. Sprinting a flag football route
C. Anaerobic
D. Playing volleyball

____________ is planned physical activity done regularly to build or maintain one’s fitness.





Eating only one type of food is a good choice if it is a healthy food
A. Fact
B. Rumor

Yoga helps improve which component of fitness the most…
A. Flexibility
B. Speed
C. Muscle Strength
D. Agility


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