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Fat Quiz


Which contains 9 grams of energy per calorie?
A. Carbs
B. Protein
C. Fat
D. None

Which of the following is true about most fast foods? 
A. they are low in nutrient density 
B. they are high in fat and calories 
C. they are low in vitamins and minerals 
D. all of the above  

What is the role of fat in the body?

A. Certain fats can help with brain and cellular development

B. Fat provides stored energy for the body.

C. Fats are necessary to absorb and transport certain types of vitamins.

D. Provide cushioning and warm to the body’s organs.

E. All of the above are roles of fat in the body.

Which of these foods is an unsaturated fat?
A. Olive Oil
B. Coconut Oil
C. Butter
D. Palm Oil

Organic compounds that help our body to work properly. e.g. A, C, B, K, D
A. Carbohydrates
B. Metabolism
C. Vitamins
D. Digestion

Which of the following nutrients is important for body, cell, and muscle growth and repair?
A. vitamins
B. fats
C. proteins
D. carbohydrates

Stored energy e.g. oils, butter, margarine
A. Fats
B. Carbohydrates
C. Minerals
D. Vitamins

Which fat is solid at room temps?
A. Saturated
B. Unsaturated

The body uses this to dissolve and transport materials.
A. Fats
B. Water
C. Minerals
D. Vitamins

Which one of the following is a saturated fatty acid?
A. Palmitic Acid
B. Oleic Acid
C. Peanutic Acid
D. Nucleic Acid

What food group do eggs belong to?
A. Fats and sugar
B. Fruit and Vegetables
C. Dairy
D. Carbohydrates

What is the main reason for eating a wide variety of foods? 
A. to learn the food label
B. to provide all the nutrients you need 
C. to keep from getting bored with your diet 
D. to help improve physical fitness 

What types of fats are more healthy for us to consume and why?

A. Complete fats because they help the body regulate production of hormones.

B. Saturated fats because they are full of nutrients that benefit the body.

C. Water soluble fats because they can easily break down in water so the body can get rid of it.

D. Unsaturated fats because they contain “good” cholesterol which can help the body function properly.

E. Incomplete fats because these do not contain as many calories as other types of fat.

How many pair of hydrogen atoms can a monounsaturated fat molecule combine?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Excessive intake of fats would lead to the following except:
A. Cardiovascular Disease
B. Stroke
C. Constipation
D. Heart Attack

This type of fat is not recommend to have in your diet at all?
A. Saturated
B. Unsaturated
C. Trans Fat
D. All are good

Which food group is this?
A.     Fats and sugar
B.     Proteins
C.     Carbohydrates
D.     Dairy

What food group does bread belong to?
A. Proteins
B. Carbohydrates
C. Fats and sugar
D. Dairy

Elements essential for good health. e.g. Calcium, Iron, Potassium 
A. Protein
B. Fat
C. Minerals
D. Carbohydrates

Which one of the following is not an animal source of fats?
A. Lard
B. Ghee
C. Butter
D. Margarine


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