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Pulmonology/Respiratory Quiz


Which type of pneumonia is gradual and covers more of the lung field?

A. bacterial

B. viral

A tidal volume measures:

A. peak flow volume

B. your temperature

C. volume of air forced out of the lungs

D. the amount of air inhaled and exhaled during a normal respiration

A pulmonary function test can indicate if there is:

A. mild, moderate or severe obstructive or restrictive airway disease

B. the trachea and bronchi are visualized

C. a normal respiration count

D. tachycardia

What happens to airways during a asthma attack?

A. the airways dilate

B. they form an antibody

C. constricts and is irritated or inflamed

D. the airways are normal

People who do this have a higher risk of lung and laryngeal cancer

A. deep breathing

B. check their peak flow

C. smoke

D. eat fatty foods

COPD is a combination of these two diseases

A. sinusitis and laryngitis

B. asthma a bronchitis

C. viral pneumonia and asthma

D. chronic bronchitis and emphysema

What is cyanosis?

A. bluish color due to lack of oxygen

B. yellowing of the eyes

C. a episode of coughing

D. a productive cough

Tuberculosis is a reportable disease to the health department because it is:

A. contagious and spread by respiratory droplets

B. diagnosed by symptoms only

C. only seen in Virginia

D. causes a fever

Where is the site of oxygen exchange and elimination of carbon dioxide?

A. bronchus

B. sternum

C. aveoli

D. intercostal space

When auscultating the lungs, you would use a:

A. a spacer

B. peak flow meter

C. stethoscope

D. palpate with your hands

A nebulizer is used to deliver a bronchodilator to

A. dilate the airways

B. constrict the airways

C. listen to the lungs

D. check for adventitious sounds

Status asthmaticus is an asthma attack that is not responsive to:

A. exercise

B. increased fluids

C. proper nutrition

D. treatment

Sputum specimens should be collected

A. at night

B. in the morning

C. when a patient spits

D. anytime


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