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DNA and Genetic Manipulation Quiz


What pairs with adenine?

A. Thymine

B. Guanine

C. Cytosine

D. Adenine

Which is the structure of DNA?

A. Single helix

B. Double helix

C. Single strand

D. Rounded

Goats are genetically engineered by adding the gene of Human antithrombin protein to be produced in their milk. To which BEST option this example belongs?

A. Transgenic organism

B. Genetically modified organism

C. Native organism

D. Non GM organism

What pairs with thymine?

A. Cytosine

B. Adenine

C. Thymine

D. Guanine

Where is the DNA located?

A. Inside the nucleus of the cell

B. In the nails

C. In the membrane of the cell

D. In your heart <3

What is NOT an example of genetic manipulation?

A. Dog’s domestication

B. Use of radiation to cause mutation

C. Cutting the tail of a piglet

D. Modify the DNA to erase diseases

What are the building blocks of DNA?

A. Nucleotides

B. Blocks

C. Cells

D. Aminoacids

Scientists removed the gene that makes a plant grow in sunflower seeds to investigate what happened. Of which option is this an example?

A. Transgenic organism

B. Genetically modified organism

C. Genetically conserved organism

D. Traditional organism

What pairs with guanine?

A. Thymine

B. Citosine

C. Adenine

D. Guanine


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