Medical Quiz

Transport System in Man Quiz


Plasma function

A. Liquid portion of your blood that transports water and nutrients

B. Liquid part of your blood in which red cells and platelets float

C. Manufacture, waste cleanup, and routine maintenance

D. Remove carbon dioxide from your body

What is the function of valves in heart?

A. To prevent the backflow of blood in the chambers.

B. To allow the backflow of blood in the heart.

C. To initiate the flow of the blood in the heart.

What is a major organ used in the circulatory system?

A. Lungs

B. Kidneys

C. Liver

D. Heart

Which of these following is the function of white blood cell?

A. Transport oxygen

B. Producing antibody

C. Blood clotting

D. Transport hormone

What type of blood vessel is shown in figure number 2?

A. vein

B. artery

C. capilary

D. aorta

Which of the following has walls that are one cell thick and is a site for diffusion?

A. Vein

B. Artery

C. Capillary

D. Aorta

Which of the following carries blood away from heart?

A. Vein

B. Artery

C. Capillary

D. Valve

What is the important of the transport system in organism ?

A. Transport oxygen and nutrients to the body cell

B. Transport waste products to the body cells

C. Transport urea and mineral salts to the body cell

D. Transport carbon dioxide and nutrients to the body cells

Which vessel mainly transport deoxygenated blood?

A. Artery

B. Aorta

C. Capillary

D. Vein

Which of the following is not a blood vessel?

A. Capillary

B. Oesophagus

C. Artery

D. vein

The human transport system is made up of three main components. Which of the following are three main components?

A. Heart, blood and arteries.

B. Heart, blood vessels and blood.

C. Red blood cells, heart and vessels.

D. Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

The molecule that combines with oxygen to transport it

A. albumin

B. globulin

C. haemoglobin

D. seratonin

What is the function of a platelets?

A. It helps repair wounds.

B. It helps in the clotting of blood.

C. It protects the body against diseases.

D. It carries oxygen to all parts of the body.


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