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Metabolic Sauver Quiz


What are NOT the benefits of Metabolic Sauver?

A. Low in fiber which gives full feeling and promote gut health

B. Low GI value where release blood sugar slowly and steadily

C. Consist of 8 plant extracts which help in improving blood sugar control

D. Added with Q10 for energy and heart health

1 serving of Metabolic Sauver has how many scoops?

A. 4 scoopr

B. 5 scoops

C. 6 scoops

D. 7 scoops

Metabolic Sauver is manufactured in which country?

A. Japan

B. Singapore

C. Taiwan

D. Australia

Which of the following are NOT correct about Metabolic Sauver?

A. Complete and balance nutrition which contains 28 types of vitamins and minerals

B. Not suitable for vegetarian

C. Can be used as meal replacement or tube feeding

D. It’s halal which can be consumed by Muslim friends

Metabolic Sauver is No. ___ the lowest GI (Glycemic Index) diabetic specific formula.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

The GI (Glycemic Index) value of Metabolic Sauver is

A. 24.68

B. 26.84

C. 28.64

D. 33

Metabolic Sauver has added with _____ chain triglycerides to provide instant energy booster.

A. Short

B. Medium

C. Long

D. Poly

What are the plant extracts can be found in Metabolic Sauver? EXCEPT

A. Cinnulin

B. Winter melon extract

C. Grape seed extract

D. Gymnema extract

E. Turmeric

The following statements are correct about Glycemic Index (GI), EXCEPT

A. Ukuran secepat mana paras gula naik selepas makan makanan karbohidrat.

B. Makin tinggi GI makin bagus untuk pesakit kencing manis.

C. Pesakit kencing manis disarankan makan secara seimbang.

D. Pesakit kencing manis tidak boleh makan durian.

Metabolic Sauver is suitable for: EXCEPT

A. Diabetic patient

B. Pregnant lady

C. Metabolic syndrome patient

D. Who is concern his/her blood sugar


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