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Parathyroid Gland Quiz


Why would bones become more brittle is PTH was being secreted too much?

A. not enough calcium in blood

B. kidneys not functioning well enough

C. calcium loss in urine

D. too much calcium being released from the bone

Where is the parathyroid located?

A. surrounds the thyroid gland

B. under the tongue

C. behind the ear

D. superior to the brain stem

How is the parathyroid regulated?

A. concentration of calcium in the blood and tissue fluid

B. concentration of vitamin D in the blood and tissue fluid

What vitamin does PTH activate?

A. E

B. C

C. A

D. D

What is the medical term for nerves fibers discharging spontaneously and causing twitching?

A. Parkinson’s

B. tetany

C. nerve impulse disease

D. infarction

Where is the calcium absorbed from when PTH activates vitamin D?

A. stomach

B. intestines

C. esophagus

D. bone

Which structure reabsorbs the calcium that is released by the bone when PTH is secreted?

A. kidney

B. ureter

C. bladder

D. liver

The parathyroid gland is essential for which of the following?

A. muscle function

B. bone metabolism

C. blood clotting

D. cell-membrane permeability

E. All above

Which modality is the most common to diagnose problems with the parathyroid gland?

A. Ultrasound



D. Xray


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