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Muscles and Movements Quiz


Region where a motor neuron comes in close contact with a muscle cell.

A. neurotransmitter

B. muscular dystrophy

C. muscle tension

D. neuromuscular junction

What structural component separates each sarcomere?

A. The M line

B. The Z line

C. The H Zone

D. The A Zone

Which types of movement are permitted by the hip joint?

A. flexion and extension

B. adduction and abduction

C. rotation

D. all the above

Movement of hand/foot so that the thumb/big toe moves away from the midline

A. inversion

B. eversion

C. adduction

D. abduction

When actin is pulled past the myosin filament the..

A. Sarcomere shortens

B. Muscle shortens

C. Z line shortens

D. All of the above

When a muscle contracts

A. both actin and myosin become shorter in length

B. myosin heads pull the actin towards the M line

C. actin heads pull myosin towards H line

D. the sarcomere length increases

Which of the following statements is true about the sliding filament theory?

A. During contraction the H zone remains the same length

B. A cross-bridge is formed by troponin and tropomysin attaching to one another

C. A nerve impulse causes an action potential to spread across the muscle

D. ATP is released around the filaments, stimulating the muscle to contract

Movement to bend a joint

A. extension

B. circumduction

C. eversion

D. flexion

The organelle that contains actin and myosin.

A. Tendon

B. myofilament

C. myofibril

D. Fiber

Which number represents myosin filament?

A. 1

B. 5

C. 3

D. 4

What state is the sarcomere in #1

A. Relaxed

B. Contracting

C. Fully Contracted

D. None of the above

Movement of the arm/leg away from the midline

A. adduction

B. eversion

C. inversion

D. abduction

What is the structure that stores the Calcium in the muscle cell.  

A. Sarcoplasm

B. Sarcolemma

C. Sarcoplasmic Reticulum

D. Myoglobin

What is a crossbridge?

A. Where myosin binds to actin

B. Where the calcium crosses into the cytoplasm

C. Where calcium binds with troponin

D. None of the answers are correct.

Thin filaments in a myofibril are

A. Sarcomeres

B. Sarcoplasm

C. Actin

D. Myosin

Movement of arm/leg toward the midline

A. flexion

B. extension

C. adduction

D. abduction

What is the neurotransmitter involved in stimulating muscle contraction?

A. Tropomysosin

B. Acetylcholine

C. Calcium ions

D. Pyruvate

Movement of the hand/foot so that the thumb/big toe moves toward the midline

A. inversion

B. eversion

C. adduction

D. abduction

Contractile unit of a muscle which is also the functional unit of a muscle is …

A. sarcomere

B. motor unit

C. fascicle

D. myofibril


A. causes ATP binding to actin

B. increases the action potential along the sarcolemma

C. binds to proteins on myosin

D. triggers the binding of myosin to actin

Skeletal Muscle contraction is initiated when the ________ sends a message to the muscle cell.  

A. Muscle cell

B. Neuron

C. Gland

D. None of the above

What is cholinesterase?

A. It’s an enzyme

B. It’s a mineral

C. It’s a muscle type

D. It’s neurotransmitter

Movement to straighten a joint

A. extension

B. flexion

C. dorsiflexion

D. pronation

What is the name of the gap between two neurons?

A. Synapse

B. Dendrite

C. Axon

D. Cell body

___ and ___ are regulatory proteins bound to actin. 

A. Troponin and tropomyosin

B. Myosin and actin

C. Calcium and Oxygen

D. Glycogen and hemoglobin


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