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Inheritance Quiz


One form of a gene is called_______________
A. a DNA
B. a Phenotype
C. a trait
D. an allele

A ______________ is a person who has one normal or dominant allele for a trait and a recessive or abnormal allele for a trait.
A. codominant
B. disorder
C. carrier
D. pedigree

A human body (somatic) cell usually has how many chromosomes?

A. 6

B. 22

C. 4

D. 46

Which answer contains the heterozygous genotype?


B. aa

C. Aa

Meiosis results in the production of

A. 2 diploid cells

B. 2 haploid cells

C. 4 haploid cells

D. 4 diploid cells

The cells produced via meiosis are called:
A. sex cells
B. somatic cells
C. body cells
D. skin cells

How much of your DNA do you inherit from your mom?
A. 10%
B. 25%
C. 50%
D. it varies

What is the definition of the phenotype?

A. The physical characteristics of an organism

B. The genetic makeup of an organism

C. The letters eg, A C G T

What happens when a true-breeding plant self-pollinates?

A. Some of its offspring have the same traits as the parent.

B. None of its offspring have the same traits as the parent.

C. All of its offspring have the same traits as the parent.

D. One of its offspring has the same traits as the parent.

Which of the following would be coded in your DNA?

A. proteins and hormones

B. athletic ability

C. reading and speaking

D. dance routines

Why do we need meiosis?
A. To double the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
B. To halve the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
C. To triple the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
D. To not change the number of chromosomes going into sex cells

The image shows the pattern of inheritance for colorblindness.  From this diagram we can tell that colorblindness is
A.     a codominant trait
B.     a sex-linked trait
C.     carried on the Y chromosome
D.     is associated with a dominant allele

Which base would pair with G (Guanine)?

A. A

B. T

C. C

D. G

What is the result of meiosis?
A. 2 daughter cells that are haploid and genetically different
B. 2 daughter cells that are haploid & identical
C. 4 daughter cells that are diploid & genetically different
D. 4 daughter cells that are haploid & genetically different 

Sex-linked genes are mostly found on which chromosome?
C. Y only
D. X only

Meiosis makes sperm and egg cells. In humans, sperm and egg cells each have _____ chromosomes. Therefore a fertilized human egg cell (sperm and egg cell combined) would create a cell with _____ chromosomes.
A. 23, 46
B. 46, 23
C. 2, 4
D. 50, 100

What type of RNA carries the DNA message out of the nucleus to the ribosomes?





What is a chromosome?

A. A long strand of DNA

B. A tiny piece of DNA

C. A cell wall

D. A mitochondria

What is the purpose of Mitosis?

A. Growth of an organism and Repair of damaged tissue

B. To help the body get rid of extra cells

C. To make gametes

D. To get rid of the nucleus

What is the correct term for a structure which contains the genetic material (DNA) and serves as the control center of the cell?

A. cytoplasm

B. nucleus

C. cell membrane

D. cell

How many phenotypes are there in ABO blood types?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 12

What is the genotype of a person with type A blood, who had a father with type O blood?





An offspring that receives the dominant allele from one parent and the recessive allele from the other parent.

A. Homozygous

B. Heterozygous

C. Genotype

D. Phenotype

What are the 4 letters that represent the DNA bases?

A. Q R U L

B. Y U O P

C. Z Q R W

D. C G A T

Chromosomes are found in the ____________ of the cell
A. Chloroplast
B. Nucleus
C. Cytoplasm
D. Mitochondria


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