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Mendel found that if he crossed a pure bred white-flowered pea plant with a pure bred purple-flowered pea plant:

A. half of their offspring were usually white and half were usually purple

B. All of the offspring were purple

C. All of the plants were white

D. The results were unpredictable

In cats, the allele for stripes (S) is dominant over the allele for no stripes (s). Two heterozygous cats are bred. If the female cat has a litter of 8, predict how many kittens will have no stripes.

A. 2

B. 6

C. 4

D. 8

Meiosis results in the production of

A. 2 diploid cells

B. 2 haploid cells

C. 4 haploid cells

D. 4 diploid cells

The sex chromosomes of a male are

What are the 4 letters that represent the DNA bases?

A. Q R U L

B. Y U O P

C. Z Q R W

D. C G A T

If a somatic (body) cell in a butterfly contains 24 chromosomes, a butterfly egg would contain
A. 3
B. 6
C. 12
D. 24

How many chromosomes do humans have?

A. 3

B. 10

C. 28

D. 46

Which one of the following statements is NOT true?

A. Genes are the only influence on traits.

B. Several genes can influence a single trait.

C. The environment can have an influence on traits.

D. One gene can influence many traits.

What is the relationship between a protein, the cell, and DNA?

A. DNA is produced by protein which is produced in the cell

B. Protein is composed of DNA which is produced in the cell

C. DNA, found within the cell, codes for a specific protein

D. A cell is composed of DNA and protein

The cells produced via meiosis are called:
A. sex cells
B. somatic cells
C. body cells
D. skin cells

What is the purpose of Mitosis?

A. Growth of an organism and Repair of damaged tissue

B. To help the body get rid of extra cells

C. To make gametes

D. To get rid of the nucleus

What is the definition of the phenotype?

A. The physical characteristics of an organism

B. The genetic makeup of an organism

C. The letters eg, A C G T

A ______________ is a person who has one normal or dominant allele for a trait and a recessive or abnormal allele for a trait.
A. codominant
B. disorder
C. carrier
D. pedigree

One form of a gene is called_______________
A. a DNA
B. a Phenotype
C. a trait
D. an allele

In dogs, the allele for black fur (B) is dominant over the allele for white fur (b). A breeder breeds a heterozygous dog with a recessive homozygous dog. If the female dog has a litter of 12 puppies, predict how many will have black fur.

A. 12

B. 3

C. 6

D. 4

Which of the following would be considered “heterozygous”?

A. Do, Re, Mi, Fa

B. GG, Gg, Tt, ee

C. rr, ee, tt, AA

D. Tt, Yy, Rr

The genotype of an organism is the ______________.

A. Physical appearance

B. Genetic makeup

C. Alleles gained from one parent

D. Its gametes

An offspring that receives 2 dominant alleles or 2 recessive alleles from its parents.

A. Homozygous

B. Heterozygous

C. Dominant

D. Recessive

Chromosomes are found in the ____________ of the cell
A. Chloroplast
B. Nucleus
C. Cytoplasm
D. Mitochondria

Which base would pair with G (Guanine)?

A. A

B. T

C. C

D. G

A cell containing genetic information from each parent, for example a sperm or an egg.

A. Chromosome

B. Allele


D. Gamete

Why do we need meiosis?
A. To double the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
B. To halve the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
C. To triple the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
D. To not change the number of chromosomes going into sex cells

What is a chromosome?

A. A long strand of DNA

B. A tiny piece of DNA

C. A cell wall

D. A mitochondria

An allele which is only expressed when no dominant allele is present.

A. hidden allele

B. dominant allele

C. recessive allele

D. present allele

If this image were real, it would represent what type of inheritance?
A.     incomplete dominance
B.     codominance
C.     polygenic inheritance
D.     compete dominance


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