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Inheritance Quiz


What is the diploid number in human cells?
A. 2
B. 23
C. 46
D. 92

Which answer contains the heterozygous genotype?


B. aa

C. Aa

An offspring that receives the dominant allele from one parent and the recessive allele from the other parent.

A. Homozygous

B. Heterozygous

C. Genotype

D. Phenotype

One form of a gene is called_______________
A. a DNA
B. a Phenotype
C. a trait
D. an allele

An offspring that receives 2 dominant alleles or 2 recessive alleles from its parents.

A. Homozygous

B. Heterozygous

C. Dominant

D. Recessive

Why do we need meiosis?
A. To double the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
B. To halve the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
C. To triple the number of chromosomes going into sex cells
D. To not change the number of chromosomes going into sex cells

In pea plants, white flower color is recessive. In order to inherit white flower color, a pea plant must receive
A. at least one allele for white flower color from one parent.
B. at least one allele for purple flower color from one parent.
C. an allele for white flower color from each parent.
D. two dominant alleles.

Chromosomes are found in the ____________ of the cell
A. Chloroplast
B. Nucleus
C. Cytoplasm
D. Mitochondria

During meiosis, the nucleus of the parent cell divides
A. once
B. twice
C. three times
D. four times

Mendel found that if he crossed a pure bred white-flowered pea plant with a pure bred purple-flowered pea plant:

A. half of their offspring were usually white and half were usually purple

B. All of the offspring were purple

C. All of the plants were white

D. The results were unpredictable

How many chromosomes do humans have?

A. 3

B. 10

C. 28

D. 46

Which of the following would be considered “heterozygous”?

A. Do, Re, Mi, Fa

B. GG, Gg, Tt, ee

C. rr, ee, tt, AA

D. Tt, Yy, Rr

What are the blood types of the possible children that a woman (type O) and man (type AB) can have?

A. O and AB

B. O and A

C. O and B

D. A and B

In cats, the allele for stripes (S) is dominant over the allele for no stripes (s). Two heterozygous cats are bred. If the female cat has a litter of 8, predict how many kittens will have no stripes.

A. 2

B. 6

C. 4

D. 8

What is the definition of Homozygous?

A. When one allele is dominant and one is recessive

B. When an individual has two sets of the same allele.

C. when it is neither dominant or recessive

In dogs, the allele for black fur (B) is dominant over the allele for white fur (b). A breeder breeds a heterozygous dog with a recessive homozygous dog. If the female dog has a litter of 12 puppies, predict how many will have black fur.

A. 12

B. 3

C. 6

D. 4

If this image were real, it would represent what type of inheritance?
A.     incomplete dominance
B.     codominance
C.     polygenic inheritance
D.     compete dominance

What is the purpose of Mitosis?

A. Growth of an organism and Repair of damaged tissue

B. To help the body get rid of extra cells

C. To make gametes

D. To get rid of the nucleus

A cell containing genetic information from each parent, for example a sperm or an egg.

A. Chromosome

B. Allele


D. Gamete

What is the result of meiosis?
A. 2 daughter cells that are haploid and genetically different
B. 2 daughter cells that are haploid & identical
C. 4 daughter cells that are diploid & genetically different
D. 4 daughter cells that are haploid & genetically different 

What is the correct term for a structure which contains the genetic material (DNA) and serves as the control center of the cell?

A. cytoplasm

B. nucleus

C. cell membrane

D. cell

How many phenotypes are there in ABO blood types?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 12

Which base would pair with G (Guanine)?

A. A

B. T

C. C

D. G

Meiosis results in the production of

A. 2 diploid cells

B. 2 haploid cells

C. 4 haploid cells

D. 4 diploid cells

How much of your DNA do you inherit from your mom?
A. 10%
B. 25%
C. 50%
D. it varies


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