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Which best describes the process of photosynthesis?

A. Carbon dioxide and oxygen are converted into glucose and water.

B. Carbon dioxide and water are converted into glucose and oxygen.

C. Oxygen and glucose are converted into carbon dioxide and water.

D. Oxygen and water are converted into carbon dioxide and glucose.

Which is most likely the result of a diet high in sugars and fats?

A. cancer

B. diabetes

C. melanoma

D. tuberculosis

Which best describes the nutrients that are sources of energy for the body?

A. fats and proteins

B. water and carbohydrates

C. fats and carbohydrates

activity requiring physical effort carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

A. energy

B. excercise

C. healthy

D. nutrients

High levels of glucose in the blood may be a symptom of which disease?

A. asthma

B. diabetes

C. cancer

D. heart disease

a chemical element or substance required in trace amounts for the normal growth and development of living organisms.

A. micronutrients

B. macronutrients

C. food

D. healthy

any vitamin, mineral, herbal product, or other ingestible preparation that is added to the diet to benefit health

A. dietary supplement

B. food

C. macronutrients

D. calorie

the ability to do work or cause change; can be stored in chemicals found in food and released to the organism to do work

A. energy

B. calorie

C. excercise

D. nutrients

a measure of the amount of energy in food

A. calorie

B. energy

C. nutrients

D. micronutrients

When an organism oxidizes food, some of the energy is lost. Which best explains this loss of energy?

A. Energy is released as heat

B. Energy is stored for later use

C. Energy is converted to waste

D. Energy is converted to chemical compounds

Which best describes the process by which the energy from the sun is used to create glucose molecules?

A. fermentation

B. chemo-synthesis

C. cellular respiration

D. photosynthesis

Which most accurately describes how plants and animals obtain the energy they need for growth and survival?

A. Molecules are broken down during respiration to release stored energy.

B. Molecules are broken down during photosynthesis to release stored energy.

C. Animals produce energy through photosynthesis, while plants produce energy through respiration.

D. Animals produce energy through respiration, while plants produce energy through photosynthesis.

What are the products of cellular respiration?

A. oxygen and sugar

B. carbon dioxide and sugar

C. oxygen and water

D. carbon dioxide and water

Which molecules are most closely linked to heart disease in humans?

A. carbohydrates

B. fats

C. proteins

Crystal is trying to increase the protein in her diet. Which foods will best satisfy this nutritional need?

A. Peas, fish, milk, and beans

B. Apples, carrots, juice, and rice

C. Kiwi, lettuce, tea, and strawberries

D. Watermelon, spinach, coffee, and pasta

inorganic elements present in food that are required by our body to develop and function properly

A. minerals

B. nonfood

C. vitamins

D. energy

Which digestive process initiates cellular respiration?

A. Eliminating waste

B. Filtering out harmful substances

C. Breaking down food into glucose

D. Chewing up food into smaller pieces

a thing that is not food; can be edible (like vitamins, medicine, and supplements) or an inedible thing.

A. nonfood

B. nutrients

C. vitamins

D. mineral

Which type of diet best contributes to a healthy lifestyle?

A. A diet high in protein and fat

B. A diet high in carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables

C. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fats

D. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein

Which combination of foods best provides a healthy and nutritious meal?

A. Steak, fries, orange juice, banana

B. Baked potato, chicken nuggets, fruits, and orange juice

C. Apple, grilled chicken sandwich, orange juice, and yogurt

D. Macaroni and cheese, orange juice, ice cream, and pound cake

Which best explains how mold is able to grow on an old piece of cheese in the refrigerator?

A. Mold is produced when the cheese ages and reacts with moisture in the air.

B. Mold is naturally contained within the cheese and spontaneously grows when the cheese becomes old.

C. Mold spores are present in the air, and the cheese provides the energy and building materials the mold needs to survive.

D. Mold spores are present in the air, and moisture in the air provides the energy and building materials the mold needs to survive.

Which activity would supply the most oxygen to the body for digestion and respiration?

A. sit-ups

B. running

C. stretching

D. lifting weights

a type of food required in large amounts in the diet.

A. macronutrients

B. micronutrients

C. nonfood

D. dietary supplements

something consumed by organisms that provides chemical energy

A. food

B. nonfood

C. energy

D. dietary supplements

 a substance such as a fat, a protein, or a carbohydrate that a living thing needs to survive

A. nutrients

B. calorie

C. vitamins

D. minerals


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