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Microorganism - Diseases Quiz


How animals get the nitrogen they need

A. From the air they breathe

B. From the water they drink

C. From the food they eat

D. From the Sun

the body’s response to an infection by showing redness, swelling, & pain

A. immunization

B. mobilization (stage of infection)

C. inflammation

A person produces antibodies to influenza after vaccination. This is an example of:

A. Natural (passive) immunity

B. Natural (active) immunity

C. Artificial (passive) immunity

D. Artificial (active) immunity

Beneficial or Harmful?

yeast used to cause bread to rise

A. beneficial

B. harmful

Select the disease which can be treated with antibiotics.

A. Swine Flu

B. Influenza


D. Bacterial infection

A disease that can be passed from one person to another through pathogens.

A. Communicable disease

B. Noncommunicable disease

A host is:

A. An organism that harbors a pathogen

B. Grant Denyer on Family Feud

C. An animal that transmits a pathogen

D. A microorganism that has been transmitted

Beneficial or Harmful?

fungus causes ringworm or athlete’s foot on the skin

A. beneficial

B. harmful

Why is a microscope needed to view cells?

A. to separate cells from each other 

B. to make cells look bigger than they are

C. to make cells look smaller than they are

D. to hold the cells still so they can be seen

Bacteria are prokaryotes which means they

A. have a nucleus on their capsule

B. do not contain a nucleus

C. can live in environments with and without oxygen

Mold helps dead things (plants, animals)…

A. Grow

B. Decay

C. Sleep

D. Reproduce

Beneficial or Harmful?

bacteria weakens teeth enamel

A. beneficial

B. harmful

Which observation supports the claim that microorganisms are helpful to ecosystems?

A. Microorganism are to small to been seen without special equipment.

B. Microorganism need water and energy to survive.

C. Millions of microorganism can often be found in soil.

D. Microorganisms break down dead plants and animals, making nutrients available.

This microorganism has whip-like flagella, that help them move.

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

C. Algae

D. Fungi

A fungus that causes skin disease.

A. Ring Worm

B. Salmonella

C. Yeast

D. Athletes Foot

What is Penicillin (medicine) made from?

A. Water

B. Sugar

C. Mold

D. Algae

____________ single celled organism which cause diseases such as malaria, and sleeping sickness. They are also helpful in the treatment of sewage waste where they eat the harmful bacteria making it safe for disposal.

A. Protozoa

B. Alagae

C. Yeast

D. Fungi

Organisms that need nitrogen to survive

A. Only plants

B. Only animals

C. Only bacteria

D. All living organisms

Bacteria is known as ______________ in an ecosystem when feeding on dead organisms.

A. decomposers

B. herbivores

C. pathogens

D. infections

A protein made by white blood cells to fight a specific pathogen.

A. Antibody

B. Antivirus

C. Allegra

D. Allotment

A fungus used as a medicine.

A. Yeast

B. Bacteria

C. Penicillin

D. Algae

The flu is caused by

A. bacteria

B. virus

a tiny, non-living particle that invades and then multiplies inside a living cell is called

A. bacteria

B. a virus

C. a fungi

D. ha protist

The blood cells that fight pathogens.

A. Leukocytes

B. Red blood cells

C. Plasma

D. Hemoglobin

A disease causing organism

A. Pathogen

B. Poison

C. Vaccine

D. Prokaryote


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