Anatomical Terminology Quiz


What is the study that deals with nervous system disorders?

A. toxicology

B. neurology

C. pediatrics

What do the initials O.T. mean?

A. orderly

B. occupational therapist

C. occupation treatment

What is the study that deals with hormones and hormone secretion?

A. pharmacology

B. radiology

C. endocrinology

What is the study that deal with skin disorders?

A. oncology

B. pathology

C. dermatology

The cheek is know as that region?

A. oral

B. buccal

C. cephalic

The foot is known as what region ?

A. pedal region

B. tarsal region

C. digital region

What do the intials P.A. stand for?

A. physical aid

B. physician assitant

C. physical aid

The big toe is know as what?

A. pollex

B. hallux

C. pedal

What do the initials E.M.T stand for?

A. Emergency services

B. Emergency medical technician

C. Emergency engineer

What is the study of drugs and their uses in treatment of disease?

A. pediatrics

B. pathology

C. pharmacology

The neck is referred to as what region?

A. cervical region

B. oral region

C. ocular region

What part of the body is the sternal region?

A. abdomen

B. hip

C. sternum

which is NOT known for the ears?

A. auricle

B. otic

C. orbital

What is the study that deals with body’s resistance to infectious diseases?

A. pharmacology

B. neurology

C. immunology

The groin area is know as the ,,,

A. coxal region

B. inguinal region

C. sternal region

What do the initials D.M.D mean?

A. donor of organs

B. doctor of dental medicine

C. doctor of dogs

The gentials are known as what region?

A. pubic region

B. tarsal region

C. orbital region

What is the study that deals with pregnancy and childbirth?

A. cardiology

B. obstetrics

C. immunology

The hip area is known as the …

A. pubic region

B. frontal region

C. coxal region

The shoulder is known as what region ?

A. patellar region

B. femoral region

C. acromial region

Which region is NOT known for the eye?

A. nasal region

B. orbital region

C. ocular region

The umbilicus is known as what area?

A. chest

B. genitals

C. naval

What region is known as the eye?

A. cephalic

B. orbital

C. mental

The mental is known as what area of the body?

A. oral region

B. mental region

C. nasal region

What region is known for the chest area?

A. otic

B. cervical

C. thoracic


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