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Connective Tissue Quiz


What do tendons do?

A. Attach skeletal muscle to bone

B. Attach bone to bone at joints

C. attach joints

D. Attach skin to muscle

Reticular connective tissues form stroma. What is stroma?

A. Packing tissue

B. Fuel storage

C. An internal supporting network of lymphoid organs.

D. All of the above

characteristics of Connective tissue include:

A. Produce blood cells and secrete hormones

B. variations in blood supply and extra cellular matrix

C. Composed of bone and cartilage

D. poor blood supply and protective

Bone( osseous) is a connective tissue type. It’s function is to protect and support the body. Bone is composed of all of the following except one. Which one?

A. Cavities-bone cells in lacunae

B. Hard matrix of calcium salts

C. Large numbers of collagen fibers

D. Large numbers of elastic fibers.

Areolar is a loose connective tissue that is widely distributed. It is soft and pliable like “cobwebs”. It contains all types of fibers acts like a packing tissue. What does it do?

A. Stores fuel

B. Soaks up excess fluid causing edema

C. protects organs

D. transports fluid

Dense connective tissue( dense fibrous tissue)has a main matrix element of collagen fiber and fibroblast(cells that make fibers). Where is dense connective tissue located?

A. Tendons, ligaments and dermis

B. Tendons and ligaments

C. Dermis only

D. Ligaments only

Two main elements of extra cellular matrix are:

A. ground substance and fibers

B. Bone and cartilage

C. Blood and water

D. Calcium and salt

Hyaline cartilage is a type of connective tissue. It is the MOST common type of cartilage and is found in the larynx and entire fetal skeleton prior to birth. It is more flexible than bone. It is composed of:

A. collagen fibers and rubbery matrix

B. Elastic and tendons

C. Tendons and ligaments

D. Dermis and collagen fibers

Reticular is a loose connective tissue with a delicate network of…

A. tendons

B. Ligaments

C. Interwoven fibers

D. Lipids

What are the 3 types of extra cellular matrix?

A. Bone, collagen, calcium

B. Collagen white fibers, elastic yellow fibers, reticular fibers

C. Reticular fibers, bone, calcium

D. Elastic yellow fibers, collagen white fibers, calcium

Fibrocartilage is a type of connective tissue that is highly compressible. Where is it located?

A. Dermis-lower layer of skin

B. Ligaments-attached to bone at joints

C. Forms cushion like discs between the vertebrae

D. Tendons-attach muscle to bone

Which is NOT a function of connective tissue?

A. secretes hormones

B. supports the body

C. Binds body tissue together

D. provides protection

Blood is a loose connective tissue. Blood is a vascular tissue. Which is NOT true of blood?

A. Blood cells are surrounded by fluid matrix called blood plasma

B. Fibers are visible during clotting

C. Functions as the transport vehicle for materials

D. Produces gross body movements

Adipose tissue is a loose connective tissue. It’s cells contain large lipid deposits. The matrix is an areolar tissue which fat globules are predominate. It’s functions are to:

A. Insulate the body

B. Protect organs

C. Serve as a site of fuel storage

D. All of the above

Connective tissue is found where?

A. everywhere – most abundant and widely distributed tissue

B. only on your torso –

C. near your joints

D. none of the above

Where is reticular connective tissue located?

A. Spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow

B. Skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle and smooth muscle

C. Spleen and cardiac muscle

D. Lymph nodes and cardiac muscle

Elastic cartilage is a type of connective tissue that provides elasticity. Where is it located?

A. In the dermis

B. In the tendons

C. In the inner ear

D. Supports the external ear

What is an extra cellular matrix?

A. Non-living material that surrounds living cells.

B. Poor blood supply

C. Well vascularized tissue

D. Large number of collagen fibers


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