Medical Quiz

Diet Quiz


We need to drink _____ water so as to keep fit.

A. less

B. many

C. fewer

D. a lot of

Which of the following is an element essential for good health. e.g. Calcium, Iron, Potassium

A. Protein

B. Fat

C. Minerals

D. Carbohydrates

To be healthy, you have to cut all the fat from your diet.

Why is the calcium important in our diet?

A. To improve our sleeping habit

B. To help our bones grow stronger

C. To repair and grow muscles

D. For healthy skin

This food belongs to which food group?
A.     Carbohydrate
B.     Protein
C.     Fat
D.     Fibre

Which one of the following states why an endurance athlete would use carbohydrate loading?

A. To build strength

B. To repair damaged body tissue after injury

C. To increase energy stores

D. To lose weight

Eating only one type of food is a good choice if it is a healthy food
A. Fact
B. Rumor

Chocolate and other sweets are okay as long as you have them sometimes and the portion is small.  
A. False 
B. True 

What does protein do for our body?

A. Helps us grow taller

B. Makes our bones stronger

C. Repairs muscles and helps them to grow

D. Helps us to see better

What does the body use carbohydrates for?

A. Carbohydrates enable the tranport of essential nutrients in the body.

B. Carbohydrates improve digestion.

C. Carbohydrates are used by the body for growth.

D. Carbohydrates provide the body with a source of energy.

Your goal should be to have a _______________ plate. Fill in the missing word. 
A. Balanced 
B. Healthy 
C. Heavy 
D. Grain Filled 

Carrots are good for us because they are

A. high in carbohydrates

B. high in vitamins

C. high in fats

D. high in proteins

Which food contains carbohydrates?
A. Fish
B. Pasta
C. Egg
D. Carrot

_________ increases the risk of diet related diseases.
A. High Blood Pressure
B. Coronary Heart Disease
C. Diabetes
D. Obesity

It helps us to digest our food. It’s in vegetables and fruit.

A. fats

B. fibre

C. carbohydrates

D. protein

What is the main nutrient that this food provides?
A.     Carbohydrate
B.     Protein
C.     Fat
D.     Vitamins

Identify the two micronutrients

A. Vitamins and Fibre

B. Minerals and Vitamin A, B, C

C. Fibre and Water

D. Vitamins and Minerals

Which vitamin is vital for bone strength & can be found in dairy products (e.g milk & cheese)?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

What food group does bread belong to?
A. Proteins
B. Carbohydrates
C. Fats and sugar
D. Dairy

Practicing good nutrition means that you can eat one type of food every day as long as the food is healthy.

The body uses this to dissolve and transport materials.
A. Fats
B. Water
C. Minerals
D. Vitamins

You get the energy you need for your daily activities from the food you eat.

Which nutrient provides the most amount of energy per gram?
A. Carbohydrate
B. Fats
C. Protein
D. Vitamin

A small amount of fat in your diet is good for your body.

Chapatti, rice and bread are rich with

A. dairy

B. protein

C. carbohydrate

D. calcium


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