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Microbes Quiz


Which microbe causes malaria?

A. virus

B. bacteria

C. fungi

D. parasite

Bacteria are

A. Prokaryotes

B. Non living things

C. Eukaryotes

Who discovered vaccine for smallpox?

A. Robert Koch

B. Edward Jenner

C. Louis Pasteur

D. Alexander Fleming

Which microbe is the image most likely to be?

A. Bacteria

B. Fungus

C. Virus

D. None of the above

What are vaccines mainly made up of?

A. Dead Pathogens

B. Weak Pathogens

C. Both 1 and 2

D. Neither

Which of the following is NOT a microbe?

A. Bacteria

B. Virus

C. Worm

D. Fungus

Cholera is caused by

A. Bacteria

B. Protozoa

C. Virus

D. Fungi

Viruses are considered to be nonliving because they 

A. cannot multiply

B. use energy to grow 

C. are smaller than bacteria

D. do not show all the characteristics

Which microbe is the image most likely to be?

A. Bacteria

B. Fungus

C. Virus

D. None of the above

The most common carrier of communicable diseases is

A. Ant

B. Housefly

C. Dragonfly

D. Spider

Which disease is not caused by bacteria?

A. Strep throat

B. Pneumonia

C. Food poisoning

D. Rabies

Vaccines contain weakened or dead parts of antigens. 



Carrier of malaria causing protozoan is

A. Female Anopheles mosquito

B. Cockroach

C. Housefly

D. Butterfly

Name the bacteria which promotes the formation of curd

A. Rhizobium

B. Cyanobacteria

C. Lactobacillus

D. Clostridium

Microbes can be spread with air, animals, food, touch and in water.



Microbes are called, microbes because?

A. You can hear them through a micro-scope.

B. They are very minute

C. They can only be seen using a micro-scope,

D. both 2 and 3

The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol in the absence of oxygen is called

A. Pasteurization

B. Vaccination

C. Fermentation

D. Decomposition

Disease causing microbes are called

A. Pathogens

B. Protozoa

C. Parasites

D. Microbes

The overuse of antibiotics has most likely resulted in the development of resistant strains of which organisms?

A. bacteria

B. fungi

C. protozoa

D. viruses


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