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The Cell Cycle Quiz


Which of the following is NOT a reason we need mitosis.

A. Growth

B. Recovering from injuries

C. Replacement of dead cells

D. Sexual reproduction

The part of the cell cycle that divides the cytoplasm of the cell

A. Synthesis Phase

B. G1 Phase

C. G2 Phase

D. Cytokinesis

the uncontrolled division of cells that results in malignant growth 

A. tissues

B. cancer

C. mitosis

D. anaphase

In which stage of the cell cycle is the cell preparing for division? 

A. G1

B. S

C. G2

D. M

Cells need to produce new cells in order to…

A. replace cells that have died.

B. create new chromosomes.

C. obtain energy from sunlight.

D. release energy from food.

Which of the following statements is true of cytokinesis

A. takes place in plant cells only

B. completes the cell cycle

C. organizes DNA

D. occurs in prophase

What does NOT happen during interphase?

A. growth

B. DNA replication 

C. obtaining nutrients

D. cell divison

A. cytokinesis.

B. the first stage of the eukaryotic cell cycle.

C. the third stage of the eukaryotic cell cycle.

D. the second stage of the eukaryotic cell cycle.

Cells spend the majority of their lifes in

A. interphase

B. M

C. S

D. G2

Stage in which the cells nuclear material divides and seperates

A. G1

B. Synthesis

C. G2

D. Mitosis

During interphase, a cell grows, dublicates organelles, and…

A. copies DNA

B. divides the nucleus

C. divides the cytoplasm

D. produces a new cell

What are the life stages of a cell called?

A. cell cycle

B. mitosis

C. cytokinesis

D. cell plate

What is the division of cytoplasm called?

A. chromosome

B. mitosis

C. cytokinesis

D. the cell cycle

Which of the following shows the correct sequence of the cell cycle?

A. Mitosis-> G1->S->G2->cytokinesis

B. S->G1-> G2-> mitosis-> cytokinesis

C. cytokinesis->mitosis->G1->S->G2

D.  G1->S->G2->mitosis->cytokinesis

A cell produces more cells by first copying its…

A. centioles


C. chromatids

D. cell membranes

DNA is replicated during ______ of the cell cycle.

A. G1

B. S

C. G2

D. G0

Which of the following is not a part of interphase?

A. G2

B. M

C. G1

D. S

What is the structure in which DNA, hereditary material that controls cell activities, can be found.

A. chromatids

B. centromere

C. chromosome

D. mitosis

The synthesis (S) phase is characterized by

A. cell division

B. the division of cytoplasm

C. DNA replication

D. replication of mitochondria and other organelles

The cell carries out normal functions during..

A. interphase

B. cytokinesis

C. mitosis


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