Medical Quiz

Multicellular Organisms: Organisation Quiz


An organ is made up of one type of tissue



The human brain is composed of nerve tissue. What cells would you find in nerve tissue?

A. neuron cells

B. motor cells

C. stem cells

D. muscle tissue

Tissue that covers the outside of an organism as well as lining organs and cavities is called ________ tissue

A. connective

B. smooth

C. endothelial

D. epithelial

Bones, adipose, blood, tendons, ligaments and cartilage are forms of ________ tissue

A. connective

B. epithelial

C. muscle

D. vascular

A group of cells with similar structures is called an/a

A. organ

B. organism

C. organ structure

D. functional unit

E. tissue

The human heart is an example of an organ in the human body.
It is expected that

A. the heart is made up of the same tissue

B. the heart is made up of the same type of cell

C. the heart works independently of all other organs in the body

D. the heart is made up of many types of tissues

A collection of one or more tissues assembled together to perform a specific function is called an

A. organ system

B. organism

C. organ

D. stomach

An organ system is a group of tissues working together



A tissue is a group of cells working together



An artery could be considered an organ because

A. it is composed of only one type of cell

B. it is composed of many cells

C. it is composed of muscle tissue and connective tissue

D. it has many different functions

Which tissue type is not one of the four main tissue types in animals?

A. Epithelial

B. Connective

C. Muscle

D. Nervous

E. Vascular

Skeletal muscle is found

A. attached to bones via tendons

B. in the walls of digestive tract and other organs

C. mainly in the heart to produce a rhythmic pulse

D. around organs to support their structure


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