Medical Quiz

Body Fluids and Blood Cells Quiz


The most numerous WBC’s are

A. Neutrophil

B. Lymphocyte

C. Monocyte

D. Basophil


A. red

B. orange

C. blue

D. white


A. red

B. orange

C. blue

D. white

What is interstitial fluid?

A. Fluid in the stomach

B. Fluid that surrounds tissue cells

C. Fluid in the lungs

D. Fluid in the rectum

The major functions of the blood include:

A. Transports oxygen carbon dioxide, nutrients, hormones, heat and metabolic wastes.

B. Regulates pH, body temperature and water content of cells.

C. Protects against blood loss through clotting

D. Protection against disease through phagocytic white blood cells and antibodies

E. all of the above

When you get a cut or a wound, these cells help your blood to clot.



C. platelets

D. lymphocytes

Our blood is made up of 55% Plasma and 45% Cellular Components.
Is the above statement TRUE or FALSE ?



What two gases does the blood distribute to the cells

A. oxygen and helium

B. carbon dioxide and nitrogen

C. oxygen and carbon dioxide

This colorless or slightly yellow fluid helps remove wastes, toxins, and other harmful substances from the body


B. blood

C. lymph

D. platelets

Blood is composed of which of the following:

A. erythrocytes (RBC)

B. leukocytes (WBC)

C. thrombocytes (PLT)

D. all of the above

Fully mature human RBC has……

A. A Nucleus

B. No nucleus

C. Nucleus may or may not be present

D. None of the above


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