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Osteoporosis Quiz


Sources of Vitamin D. Choose the wrong answer

A. Sunlight

B. Light from LED lamp

C. Egg yolk

D. Salmon

What is Osteoporosis?

A. Bone density decrease

B. Only affects women

C. Something you only have to worry about after you’re 50+ years old

D. Bone density increase

What is the recommended dose of vitamin D in order to prevent osteoporosis?

A. 600 -800 IU

B. 400 IU

C. 1000 – 2000 IU

D. 4000 IU

A long term benefit of exercise on the musculoskeletal system is cardiac hypertrophy.



Who is more likely to develop Osteoporosis?

A. Men

B. Women

What is osteoporosis often called?

A. bone breaker

B. mineral deficiency

C. silent thief

D. bone buster

Which food is not high in Calcium ?

A. Cheese

B. Apple

C. Tofu

D. Dried Figs

What is NOT a contributing factor to the development of Osteoporosis?

A. Being Physical Active

B. Family History

C. A diet low in Calcium and Vitamin D

D. Excess Sodium and Caffeine intake

E. decline in estrogen

What is the correct function of Vitamin K2?

A. Reduce inflammation

B. Prevent arterial calcification

C. Antioxidant

D. Lock collagen in bone

Below are important nutrients to prevent osteoporosis. Please find the wrong answer

A. Calcium

B. Vitamin D3

C. Vitamin K2

D. Fish Oil

Physical activity reduces the risk of osteoporosis by putting__________ under stress ______the destiny of the bones.

A. joints & decreases

B. bones & increases

C. ligaments & increases

D. bones & decreases

at what age can osteoporosis strike?

A. infancy

B. adulthood

C. old age

D. all ages


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