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Which one of the following cannot be explained on the basis of Mendel’s law of dominance?

A. Alleles do not show any blending and both the characters recover as such in F2 generation

B. Factors occur in pairs

C. The discrete unit controlling a particular character is called a factor

D. Out of one pair of factors one is dominant, and the other recessive.

Lack of independent assortment of two geness A and B in fruit fly – Drosophila is due to

A. Replusion

B. Recombtion

C. Linage

D. Crossing over

Which of the following is the process of transferring the DNA from one bacterial cell to the other one

A. Translocation

B. Transformation

C. None of the above

D. both

which of the following has fromulated some postulates as Mendels Law of inheritance

A. The law of dominance

B. The law of segregation

C. The law of independent

D. All of the above

A chain of repeating nucleotide is called

A. Nucleic acid

B. amino acids

C. elastomer

D. cannot say

In DNA, which of the following is not present

A. Adenine

B. Thymine

C. Cytosine

D. uracil

Which of the following is the coding RNA

A. m-RNA

B. t-RNA

C. r-RNA

D. both a and b

Which of the following consists of 5-10% of total RNA

A. m-RNA

B. t-RNA

C. r-RNA

D. both a and b

The following are the types of linkages

A. complete linkage

B. incompleter linkage

C. niether A or B

D. Both A and B

9 membered double ring nitrogen bases in nucleotide are called

A. Purines

B. Pyrimidines

C. Both A and B

D. Neither A nor B

genes are located on specific location on chromosomes called

A. locus

B. genus

C. phylum

D. order

Discovery of double helix structure of DNA was by

A. James Watson and Francis

B. Hugo de Vries

C. Carl Carrens

D. Eric Von Tschermark

Mechanism of DNA replication involves the following enzymes

A. Helicase only

B. DNA polymerase only

C. Primase only

D. All of the above

Study of inheritance and variation is known as

A. physiology

B. pharmocology

C. Anatomy

D. genetics

Haploid consists

A. two sets off genes

B. one set of genes

C. three sets off genes

D. cannot say

The following are comes under genetic disorders

A. Mendelian discorders

B. Chromosomal disorders

C. neither of the above

D. both of above

Polymer of ribonucleotide is called

A. Ribonucleic acid

B. Deoxyribonucleic acid

C. Can not say

D. Both A and B

When the phosphate group is attached to the nucleotide, the structure is known as

A. Nucleotide

B. Amino acids

C. Nucleic acids

D. Can not say

Which of following has a triplet nucleotide sequence

A. m-RNA

B. t-RNA

C. r-RNA

D. both a and b

Mechanism of DNA replication involves the following

A. Recognition of initial point only

B. Unwinding of DNA only

C. RNA priming only

D. All of the above

Which law of Mendel’s states that on doing a cross between parents of pure line with contrasting traits, the progeny obtained will exhibit character of only one type of trait which is dominate

A. Dominance

B. silent

C. none of the above

D. both

During the gamete formation the number of chromosomes is reduced to

A. half

B. onethrid

C. one fourth

D. cannot say

Alleles are

A. different pheotype

B. true breeding homozygotes

C. different molecular forms of gene

D. heterozygotes

The following one is not considered under non allelic or intergenic gene interaction

A. complementary gene (9:7 ratio)

B. Supplementary genes (9:3:4 ratio)

C. Duplicate genes

D. co-dominance (1:2:1 ratio)

Which of the following are the non-coding RNA

A. Both tRNA and rRNA

B. Both tRNA and mRNA

C. Both rRNA and mRNA

D. None of the above


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