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Psychiatry Quiz


Interpersonal relationship in nursing is emphasized by

A. Calista Roy

B. Imogine King

C. Linda Richard

D. Hildegard Papleu

Father of psychiatry is

A. Hippocrates

B. Asceipiades

C. Renaisance

D. Aristotle

The Indian mental Health Act was passed in the year

A. 1912

B. 1952

C. 1980

D. 1987

Models of normalcy and abnormalcy are EXCEPT

A. Medical model

B. Biological model

C. Psycho analytical model

D. Socio cultural model

The following professionals are part of mental health team EXCEPT

A. Psychiatric nurse

B. Clinical psychologist

C. Psychiatric social worker

D. Nurse manager

The nurse manager acts as a/ an

A. Advocate for patient

B. Therapist for family members

C. Educator for family members

D. Specialist for patients

In psychiatric disorders there is impairment of

A. Cognition

B. Affect

C. Conation

D. All of the above

The following are the approaches of national mental health programme EXCEPT

A. integration of mental care services in existing general health services

B. Eradication of stigma regarding mental illness

C. Utilization of existing infrastructure in health services to deliver mental health care services

D. Importing training to existing health staff in mental care

Medical model considers the cause of mental disorders a result of

A. Organic pathology in brain

B. Use of maladaptive behaviour

C. Strict societal norms

D. Abnormal cultural practices

The indian nursing council included psychiatric nursing as a compulsory course in Nursing programme in the year

A. 1945

B. 1947

C. 1952

D. 1965

First psychiatric nurse is

A. Hildegard papleu

B. Betty Neuman

C. Linda Richard

D. Florence nightingale

Factors influencing levels of nursing practice are

A. Nurse practice acts

B. Nurses qualification

C. Professional practice standards

D. All of the above

Which of the following is a criterion for mental health

A. Efficiency in work and play

B. Disturbance in day to day activity

C. Not able to perform activities independently

D. Personal insecurities

The Indian society of psychiatric nurses was formed in the year

A. 1986

B. 1989

C. 1991

D. 1995

The Government of India launched national mental health programme in the year

A. 1982

B. 1989

C. 1995

D. 2000


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