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Health and Wellness Quiz


What is the definition of Health?

A. Combination of physical, mental/emotional and social health.

B. Not taking care of your body, mind and relationships.

C. Helping others to do their best.

D. Balancing all sides of the health triangle.

People have excellent aerobic fitness when they can engage in physical activity for a long time because of their:

A. dedication, motivation, and endurance

B. strength, strong bones, and strong muscles

C. proportions of fat, muscle, and bone

D. strong heart, lungs, and clear blood

Health related fitness measures a person’s ability to perform physical activities that require which of the following?

A. Endurance, body composition, and heart rate

B. Strength, body composition, and resistance

C. Endurance, strength, and flexibility

D. Fat, muscle, and bone

The range of motion through a joint is known as what?

A. Stretching

B. Flexibility

C. Agility

D. Balance

Select the correct list of words for benefits of being healthy.

A. Look Your Age, Live Longer, Obesity, Weak Bones, Weak Muscles

B. Look Your Age, Live Longer, Control Weight, Weak Bones, Weak Muscles

C. Look Your Age, Live Longer, Control Weight, Strong Bones, Weak Muscles

D. Look Your Age, Live Longer, Control Weight, Strong Bones, Strong Muscles

Factors affecting physical health are …..

A. sleep, diet, feelings and learning

B. sleep, diet, exercise and hydration

C. sleep, diet, exercise and relationships

D. Sleep, diet, feelings and hydration

Which of these actions does not contribute to a good health?

A. Following a balanced diet

B. Sleeping less than 8 hours a day

C. Playing sports

D. Exercising Regularly

Which of the following health-related components of fitness has to do with your heart, lungs, and blood vessels?

A. Cardio-Respiratory Endurance

B. Muscular Strength

C. Muscular Endurance

D. Flexibility

Which of these influence our health?

A. Family

B. Environment

C. Media

D. All the above

The percentage of body weight that is made up of fat when compared to your other tissues, such has bones and muscles.

A. Body Composition

B. Muscular Strength

C. Power

D. Agility

Some one who is active daily, able to perform daily activities and has a healthy body size and weight is said to be ________ Healthy.

A. Emotionally 

B. Actively 

C. Physically 

D. Mentally

Which of these is NOT one of the 4 areas of health?

A. Mental

B. Social

C. Physical

D. Financial

The ability to ride a bike for a long time is:

A. Muscular Endurance

B. Muscular Strength

C. Aerobic Fitness

D. Flexibility

Passing down characteristics from parent to child.

A. Trait

B. Heredity

C. Family

D. Health

Advantages of fitness EXCEPT :

A. Relaxation and release stress

B. Increase risk of disease

C. Improve the sleeping habit

D. Reduce risk of disease

Which of these are examples of mental health?

A. Recognize and deal with stress

B. Accept new ideas

C. Effectively solve problems

D. All the above

What is the part of physical fitness on which a marathon runner would probably score high

A. Cardiovascular endurance

B. Speed

C. legitness

D. Muscle endurance

What influences health and wellness?

A. Family

B. Friends

C. Morals, values, beliefs

D. All of the above

Dealing with life’s demands in a positive way.

A. setting goals

B. refusal skills

C. coping

D. being a wise consumer

Strength, endurance, and flexibility are all parts of your ________________ fitness.

A. mental

B. emotional

C. physical

D. social


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