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What type of pheromone causes organisms to form large groups together, usually to feed?

A. sex

B. trail

C. aggregation

D. alarm

What kind of eyes contain many facets to form a mosaic image?

A. compound

B. simple

Which one is not a venomous spider in Ohio?

A. black widow

B. grey house spider

C. brown recluse

What type of organism can be used to determine the status of an ecosystem?

A. alert bug

B. tattle-tale

C. snitch

D. bioindicator

To which phylum do insects belong?

A. echinodermata

B. arthropoda

C. chordata

D. diplopoda

Which is NOT a characteristic shared by all insects?

A. three body regions

B. one pair of antennae

C. four pairs of legs attached to the thorax

D. two pairs of wings

Which body segment contains the major body organs of insects?

A. head

B. thorax

C. abdomen

D. cephalothorax

Which one of these classes does not belong in the phylum arthropoda?

A. arachnida

B. crustacea

C. diplopoda

D. aves

What is the correct order of a complete life cycle starting with birth?

A. egg, pupa, larva, adult

B. egg, nymph, adult

C. pupa, larva, egg, adult

D. egg, larva, pupa, adult

What are antennae used for?

A. sight

B. smell

C. taste

D. hearing

What word is the immature form of an insect going through incomplete metamorphosis?

A. nymph

B. egg

C. pupa

D. cocoon

What is the most common tick in Ohio?

A. american dog tick

B. deer tick

What tick is associated with lyme disease?

A. american dog tick

B. deer tick

What word means the shedding of an exoskeleton after a growth period?

A. exfoliating

B. molting

C. sloughing

D. shedding

How many body regions do spiders have?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 8

What type of protection causes an organism that may not be dangerous to look like one that is?

A. miming

B. mimicry

C. shadowing

D. hiding

Which is NOT a role of insects in nature?

A. Herbivores

B. Predators

C. Autotrophs

D. Decomposers

What is the scientific name for the study of insects?

A. hydrology

B. ornithology

C. herpetology

D. entomology


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