Medical Quiz

Cell Biology & Biotechnology Quiz


Out of the following ________ bacteria is used as biofertilizer

A. Anabaena

B. E. coli

C. S. typhi

D. All of the above

Fern Pteris vitata absorbs _______ from the soil

A. Lead

B. Nickel

C. Arsenic

D. All of the above

Interferon is used against

A. Cancer

B. Diabetes

C. Dwarfism

D. Viral infection

Stem cells can be obtained from.

A. red bone marrow

B. adipose tissue

C. connective tissue

D. All of the above

Cell differentiation starts from ______ day of conception

A. 14th

B. 7th

C. 2nd

D. 1st

Golden rice is known for

A. Vitamin B complex

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin A

D. Vitamin: A,D,E,K

Cells give rise to all other types of cells present in the body of multicellular organism are

A. Somatic cells

B. Gametic cells

C. Stem cells

D. All of the above

Preservation of stem cell sample is done at.

A. -135 to -190 degree C.

B. -15 to -190 degree C.

C. -100 to -19 degree C.

D. None of the above

_____________ is a branch of biology dealing with the structure, function, multiplication, pathology, and life history of cells.

A. Cell Biology

B. Histology

C. Cytology

D. Both A & C

Cells of embryo undergo repeated__________ division

A. Nuclear

B. Cytoplasmic

C. Mitotic

D. Meiotic

Haemophilia is treated by.

A. Factor V

B. Factor II

C. Factor VIII

D. None of the above

Interleukin works against

A. Cancer

B. Diabetes

C. Viral infection

D. All of the above

Who suggested use of microbes in cleaning of oil spillage in oceans for the first time?

A. Dr.M.S Swaminathan

B. Dr. Anand Mohan Chakravarti

C. Dr. Norman Borloug

D. Dr. Verghese Kurien

Transgenic potatoes will act against

A. E. coli

B. Vibrio cholorae

C. S. typhi

D. Both a & b

Organs that can be donated after death only.

A. Liver

B. Eyes

C. Kidney

D. Both a & b


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