Circulatory System Quiz


What antigens are present in a person with type B- blood?
A. B, only
B. B and Rh
C. A and Rh
D. A, only

What is a part of the circulatory system?

A. Heart, brain, muscle, skeleton

B. Heart, Veins, Arteries, Capillaries

C. Spine, Veins, Brain, Small Intestine

D. Bones, Muscle, Kidneys, Nerves

Which is NOT a function of the circulatory system?
A. deliver O2 and nutrients to cells
B. remove CO2 and wastes from cells
C. break down carbohydrates into glucose
D. transport other materials through body


molecule that combines with oxygen to transport it
A. albumin
B. globulin
C. haemoglobin
D. seratonin

What is the function of the heart?
A. To pump blood around the body
B. To remove oxygen from the blood
C. To allow blood to flow through it 
D. To breath

The contraction/emptying phase of the cardiac cycle?

A. Systole

B. Diastole

Which two chambers of the heart pump blood to the body?

A. left auricle and left ventricle

B. left ventricle and right auricle

C. right ventricle and left ventricle

D. right auricle and left auricle

Name part M.
A.     Tricuspid valve
B.     Semilunar valve
C.     Bicuspid valve
D.     Mitral valve

Name part A.
A.     Pulmonary artery
B.     Pulmonary vein
C.     Superior vena cava
D.     Aorta

arteries, veins, and capillaries are three types of __________
A. heart valves
B. blood vessels
C. cells
D. veins

Name part A.
A.     Pulmonary artery
B.     Pulmonary vein
C.     Superior vena cava
D.     Aorta

Name part B.
A.     Pulmonary arteries
B.     Pulmonary veins
C.     Superior Vena cava
D.     Aorta

What do scientists call bacteria and viruses that can make people sick?  
A. diseases
B. vaccines
C. antibodies
D. pathogens

Name part N.
A.     Right atrium
B.     left atrium
C.     right ventricle
D.     left ventricle

Type of circulation that refers to the blood flowing through the entire body?

A. Systemic circulation

B. Renal circulation

C. Portal circulation

D. Pulmonary circulation

This is a picture of:
A.     a white blood cell
B.     a red blood cell
C.     plasma
D.     a platelet

Which 2 chambers of the heard contain oxygen-rich blood?
A. Left Atrium and Left Ventricle
B. Right Atrium and Right Ventricle

Name part I.
A.     pericardium
B.     mediastinum
C.     septum
D.     unknownum

Which vein brings blood from the upper part of the body?

A. inferior vena cava

B. superior vena cava

C. axillary vein

D. pulmonary veins

The heart has ___ chambers.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

What part of blood is responsible for fighting infections?
A. Red Blood Cells
B. White Blood Cells
C. Platelets
D. Plasma

Name part N.
A.     Right atrium
B.     left atrium
C.     right ventricle
D.     left ventricle

liquid portion of the blood
A. leukocytes
B. erthryocytes
C. plasma
D. thrombin

What do Red-Blood cells do?
A. Carry oxygen from the lungs to the body cells and transport carbon dioxide from the cells back to the lungs
B. keeps blood flowing in one direction to the heart and prevent blood from flowing backwards
C. Collects blood from the capillaries and drain it into the veins
D. Bring nutriients to the cells and carries away waste materials.


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