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Circulatory System Quiz


Both the superior & inferior vena cava carry blood into the ___

A. right atrium

B. left atrium

C. right ventricle

D. left ventricle

Carry blood away from heart; mostly oxygen-rich
A. Arteries
B. Veins
C. Capillaries

It is contained within the lymph vessels and lymphatic organs

A. blood

B. lymph

C. tissue fluid

______________ are the smallest blood vessels.

A. Arteries

B. Veins

C. Capillaries

liquid portion of the blood
A. leukocytes
B. erthryocytes
C. plasma
D. thrombin

The main function of _______ is to receive and pump blood.

A. Heart

B. lungs

C. Liver

What is the purpose of blood circulatory system in vertebrates?

A. digest nutrients

B. transmit sensations

C. transport essential substances and waste products

D. produce carbohydrates

Having a unhealthy circulatory system is vital to our health and well-being.



___ takes place when oxygen-rich blood travels to all body tissues except the lungs.

A. pulmonary circulation

B. systemic circulation

The blood is transported to all parts by which organ ?

A. heart

B. liver

C. kidney

Which describes all the parts of the circulatory system?

A. heart, lungs, stomach, muscles

B. heart, blood, arteries, and veins

C. bones, skin, hair

Name part N.
A.     Right atrium
B.     left atrium
C.     right ventricle
D.     left ventricle

Which vessels transport lymph?

A. blood vessels

B. lymph vessels

What is the Purpose of the Circulatory System?

A. Sense,Think,Commuincate

B. Movement and Support

C. Protection,Removal and Transport

D. All of the Above

This is a picture of:
A.     a white blood cell
B.     a red blood cell
C.     plasma
D.     a platelet

Do all animals have circulatory system?

A. yes

B. no

Pulse rate measures …

A. How many times the heart beats per minute.

B. How many times the heart beats per second.

C. How many times the heart beats in a lifetime

D. Average number of times the heart beats per hour.

It is contained in the heart and the blood vessels of the circulatory system ?

A. blood

B. lymph

C. tissue fluid

The strong outer covering of arteries and veins. It is composed of connective tissue as well as collagen and elastic fibers.

A. Tunica Adventitia

B. Tunica Media

C. Tunica Intima

The main vein(s) that brings blood to the right atrium?
A.     Aorta
B.     Pulmonary veins
C.     Superior and Inferior vena cava
D.     Jugular vein

Name part M.
A.     Tricuspid valve
B.     Semilunar valve
C.     Bicuspid valve
D.     Mitral valve

All veins carry deoxygenated blood



What do scientists call bacteria and viruses that can make people sick?  
A. diseases
B. vaccines
C. antibodies
D. pathogens

The contraction/emptying phase of the cardiac cycle?

A. Systole

B. Diastole

What function does the heart do?
A. Protects organs and produces red blood cells.
B. Generates heat.
C. Breaks down food into nutrients.
D. The heart is a pump, which moves the blood. The arteries and veins are the pipes where the blood flows.


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