Medical Quiz

Laboratory Careers Quiz


A person who is trained to analyze and collect blood samples.

A. Eye doctor

B. Lab Technician

C. Nurse

Job is to mount samples of the body’s cells on slides and study them under a microscope looking for clues that signal the presence of a disease and report suspicious conditions to a pathologist for further study

A. Blood Bank tech

B. Cytotechnologist

C. Phlebotomist

D. Medical lab tech

A ____________ assess oral health of patients, assist the dentist, take and develop dental radiographs.

A. Dentist

B. Orthodontist

C. Dental Hygienist

D. Chiropractor

A _________ is a type of doctor who uses medical imaging to support the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions and injuries.

A. Radiologist

B. Nurse

C. Nutritionist

D. Heart Surgeon

Job is to collect, type, and group blood under the supervision of pathologists and use microscopes, computers, and other laboratory equipment to gather data and to help in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases

A. Medical Lab Tech

B. Phlebotomist

C. Histology tech

D. Blood Bank tech

This health professional uses x-rays & radiation to diagnose & treat disease. 

A. Oncologist

B. Radiologist

C. Gastroenterologist

D. Dermatologist

use microscopes, computers, and chemicals to prepare and study body tissues and fluids providing data so doctors and researchers can determine the presense and extent of disease

A. Phlebotomist

B. Blood Bank tech

C. Histology

D. Medical Technologist

As a first responder an _______ is trained to provide emergency medical care to the critically ill and injured.

A. Phlebotomist

B. EMT ( Emergency Medical Technician)

C. Biomedical Engineer

D. Orthodontist

Job is to slice tissues, prepare slides, and apply dyes so samples can be used for teaching, research, or diagnosis

A. Blood Bank Tech

B. Phlebotomist

C. Medical lab tech

D. Histology tech

What is a Phlebotomist?

A. Collect blood for donation or for testing, so the blood can be analyzed in a clinical laboratory.

B. Takes care of dead people

C. Treats a persons spine

D. Takes care of animals when they are hurt or sick

Collects blood and test for its type and identify proteins, toxins, abnormal conditions and types of blood used in transfusions

A. Blood Bank Technology Specialist

B. Phlebotomist

C. Cytotechnologist

D. Medical Lab Tech

A _________________ is a telephone, radio or computer operator that connects people in need with fire, police and medical emergency services

A. paramedic

B. Geneticist

C. Pediatric Nurse

D. 911 Dispatcher

Job is to work in the laboratory collecting and processing blood to be analyzed, calm nervous patients and minimize anxiety and discomfort, while maintaining lab safety

A. Medical Technologist

B. Histology Tech

C. Phlebotomist

D. Medical lab tech

This health professional removes stains & deposits on teeth & teaches dental health.

A. Dental Assistant


C. Dental hygienist

D. Phlebotomist


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