Medical Quiz

Blood & Blood Vessels Quiz


Binds to oxygen

A. leukocytes

B. platelets

C. hemoglobin

D. fibrinogen

Which tunica is composed largely of fibrous connective tissue

A. intima

B. externa

C. media

The word element “-penia” means:

A. condition

B. decrease in; deficiency

C. to eat

D. attraction to

Word element that means “blood condition”

A. -paresis

B. -lytic

C. leuk/o

D. -emia

“Erythr/o” refers to ______________.

A. white

B. blue

C. yellow

D. red

The word element that refers to “cell.”

A. cyt/o

B. mon/o

C. leuk/o

D. thromb/o

Cells and cell fragments, also called formed elements, are suspended in plasma.



Which tunica Rests on a basement membrane

A. intima

B. externa

C. media

Another names for “platelet”

A. thrombocyte

B. aggranulocyte

C. megakaryocyte

D. erythrocyte

Smaller arteries give rise to

A. arterioles

B. capillaries

C. venules

A capillary has _________

A. very thin wall so that gases can flow in and out quickly

B. valves to ensure blood flows in one direction

C. thick muscular wall to withstand the high blood pressure from the heart

WBC’s that produce antibodies

A. leukocytes

B. lymphocytes

C. hemoglobin

D. fibrinogen

where new blood cells are created

A. plasma

B. marrow

C. sickle

D. platelets

Plasma protein that is converted to fibrin

A. leukocytes

B. lymphocytes

C. hemoglobin

D. fibrinogen

Which statement about veins is correct?

A. They all carry deoxygenated blood

B. .They carry blood away from the heart.

C. They have thick muscular walls.

D. They have valves to prevent backflow.

What system does the body use to acheive the transporation of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells and the transporation of waste produces away from the body cells?

A. pulmonary

B. integumentary

C. cardio

D. blood

__________ is the clear, thin, and sticky fluid portion of blood that remains after coagulation. It contains no blood cells, platelets, or fibrinogen.

A. plasmam

B. water

C. blood proteins

D. serum

“Hem/o” and “Hemat/o” both refer to what?

A. thrombocyte

B. lymph

C. spinal fluid

D. blood

_______________ are disease-producing organisms.

A. leukocytes

B. antigens

C. antibodies

D. pathogens

Which tunica layer is mostly smooth muscle and elastic fibers

A. intima

B. externa

C. media

The diagnostic test that measures the % of red blood cells to total blood volume is

A. hematocrit

B. hemoglobin

C. complete blood count

Blood accounts for approximately ____% of one’s total body weight.

A. 20

B. 15

C. 10

D. 8

Leukocytes are smaller than Erythrocytes, but they are higher in number.



The blood cell with the a large surface are do to it’s shape is

A. ertyhrocyte

B. leukocyte

C. platelets

D. melanocytes

Which of the following statements is true about Erythropoietin (EPO)

A. increases RBC count

B. is NOT a hormone

C. released by the heart

D. stimulates red bone marrow to form RBC’s


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