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Enzymes Quiz


Each enzyme only has 1 substrate that will fit its active site.  What is this called?

A. reusablility

B. denaturation

C. specificity

D. fragility

What happens when enzymes are heated to a high temperature?

A. The enzymes die.

B. The enzyme changes shape

C. The enzymes’ amino acid sequence changes.

D. The shape of the enzymes’ active site changes

Which enzyme is most efficient in a basic solution?

A. A

B. B

Which of these is NOT true?

A. Enzymes can denature (change shape) when the temperature gets too high.

B. Enzymes can only be used once in a chemical reaction. 

C. Extreme pH can denature enzymes.

D. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions. 

Which letter represents the product?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

What is a substance called if it speeds up a chemical reaction?

A. reusable

B. catalyst

C. specific

D. fragile

The energy needed to start a reaction is known as…

A. enzyme

B. activation energy

C. substrate

D. Denaturing

Which of the following best explains why enzymes are necessary for many cellular reactions?

A. Enzymes supply the oxygen necessary for the reactions

B.  Enzymes change reactants from solid to liquids during the reactions.

C. The reactions take up too much space in the cell if the enzymes are missing.

D. The reactions are too slow to meet the needs of the cell if enzymes are missing. 

Letter c…

A. active site

B. enzyme

C. substrate

D. products

After the enzyme and substrate bind together and perform the reaction, what does the substrate become?

A. a substrate

B. an enzyme

C. a product

D. an active site

The graph shows how enzymes affect reactions in cells.Which statement best summarizes the information shown in the graph?

A. Enzymes increase the energy of the reactants.

B. Enzymes decrease the energy level of the products.

C. Enzyme decrease the activation energy of the reaction.

D. Enzymes reverse the direction of the reaction.

In the diagram, what is letter A?

A. product

B. substrate

C. enzyme-substrate complex

D. active site

Which of the following conclusionscan be drawn from this graph?

A. The optimum pH of theenzyme is 6.6.

B. The optimum pH of the enzymeis 5.8

C. The enzyme’s activity increases as pH increases5.0 to 9.0

D. The enzyme’s activity is greater around pH of 8.0 .

What happens when an enzyme denatures?

A. The enzyme becomes overused

B. The substrate has run out

C. The primary structure of the protein ahs changed

D. The shape of the active site has changed


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