Medical Quiz

Human Organ System Quiz


I am flat, but blow up like a balloon when I’m filled up with urine. I push urine to the urethra so it can flow out. Who am I?

A. Kidneys

B. Ureter

C. Urinary bladder

D. Rectum

Which is considered to be Mechanical Digestion?

A. Chewing

B. Saliva

C. Gastric juice

D. Smelling

Which organ system provides movement and support for the body?

A. Musculoskeletal system

B. Circulatory system

C. Respiratory system

D. Urinary system

Which two systems are a part of getting rid of solid waste?

A. Respiratory and circulatory systems

B. Digestive and urinary system

C. Digestive and respiratory system

D. Urinary and circulatory

I receive stimuli from inside and outside of the body, interpret the stimuli, and initiate responses for survival. What am I?

A. Musculoskeletal system

B. Circulatory system

C. Nervous system

D. Urinary system

Digestion begins where?

A. Mouth

B. Stomach

C. Small intestine

D. Large intestines

I am the largest organ in your body. What am I?

A. Skin

B. Lungs

C. Liver

D. Large intestines

Which organ system provides gas exchange between your blood and the air?

A. Musculoskeletal system

B. Circulatory system

C. Respiratory system

D. Nervous system

This part of your brain gives you balance and coordination.

A. Cerebrum

B. Cerebellum

C. Brainstem

D. Medulla oblongata

Where is the first place in the heart that blood flows through?

A. Superior and inferior vena cava

B. Pulmonary artery

C. Tricuspid valve

D. Left atrium

The two organs that are a part of the Central Nervous system are what?

A. Spinal cord and brain

B. Brain and peripheral nerves

C. Cerebrum and the cerebellum

D. Brainstem and the cerebellum

Humans breathe in ______ and breathe out _______.

A. Carbon dioxide; oxygen

B. Oxygen; carbon dioxide

C. carbon, oxygen

D. oxygen, carbon

This organ is a secondary organ that produces bile that digest fat and filter blood.

A. Liver

B. Gallbladder

C. Pancreas

D. Esophagus

This organ carries air from the mouth, to the throat to reach the bronchi.

A. Nose

B. Lungs

C. Trachea

D. Alveoli

When the blood leaves from the pulmonary artery, where is it going?

A. Left ventricle

B. Aorta

C. To the body

D. Lungs

Blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Which part helps our blood to clot?

A. Red blood cells

B. White blood cells

C. Platelets

D. Plasma

This type of muscle is involuntary and found in the heart.

A. Smooth muscle

B. Cardiac muscle

C. Skeletal muscle

D. Joint muscle


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