Medical Quiz

Healthy Living Vocabulary Quiz


events or demands that cause you to feel upset or anxioyus

A. optimal

B. habits

C. personality

D. stress

a person’s eye color is an example of something they got through____

A. culture

B. environment

C. optimal

D. heredity

Self esteem is how a person feels about

A. others

B. junk food

C. exercise

D. themselves

A risk is….

A. something dangerous

B. something healthy

C. something difficult

D. something easy

Having a healthy body and a healthy mind overall.

A. lifestyle

B. culture

C. obesity

D. wellness

What is an example of something found in American culture?

A. oceans with many fish

B. celebrating independence day with fireworks

C. pine trees

D. snow in the mountains

If someone describes you as a funny and happy person, this is an example of your

A. personality

B. emotion

C. culture

D. lifestyle

True or false: Nutrition is the science of how your body takes in and uses food.



True or False: Diseases are ONLY caused by germs.



What is another word for “best”

A. personality

B. optimal

C. environment

D. wellness

A person’s pattern of living, what they do everyday and the choices they make

A. lifestyle

B. wellness

C. independence

D. heredity


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