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Virus Quiz


What is the name of the protein capsule that encloses the genetic material (DNA/RNA) of a virus?

A. tail

B. nucleus

C. capsid

D. glycoprotein

A/An ____________is the smallest unit of life.

A. atom

B. stimulus

C. cell


What feature do viruses have in common with animal cells?

A. ability to form proteins at the ribosomes

B. existence of lipids in cell membranes

C. presence of genetic information (DNA or RNA)

D. production of energy by a mitochondrion

A reaction to a stimulus is a ______________.

A. hiccup

B. response

C. metabolism

D. homeostasis

Which viral reproductive cycle allows viral genetic material to lay dormant while the host cell reproduces?

A. lytic

B. mitosis

C. lysogenic

D. S phase

During the lytic reproductive cycle by a virus, the host cell is-

A. destroyed

B. copied

C. passed on to the lysogenic cycle

D. not affected

Viruses use host cells to —

A. create fermentation products

B. facilitate respiration

C. reproduce

D. create antibodies

To maintain stable internal conditions is __________________________________.

A. growth

B. adaptation

C. homeostasis

D. development

What do viruses need in order to reproduce?

A. they need genetic material

B. They need a host cell

C. They need bacteria

D. They need insulin

A(n) _____ is a virus that targets and infects a bacterial cell.

A. endospore

B. decomposer

C. plasmid

D. bacteriophage

Which statement regarding viruses is true?

A. a virus can only reproduce inside of a living cell

B. viruses do not contain DNA

C. viruses are unicellular

D. viruses are generally larger than cells


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