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Gastroenterology Quiz


What is mechanical digestion?

A. Cars breaking food into pieces

B. Chewing, Tearing, and Grinding

C. Acid

What does the gall bladder do?

A. Nothing

B. Stores bile

C. Creates bile

Which if the following is a good way to strengthen your digestive system?

A. Eat lean meat, and lots of fiber

B. there is no way to strengthen your digestive system.

C. Eat steak

D. Have junk food everyday

Which of the following diseases is NOT caused by the digestive system

A. Hemorrhoid

B. Heartburn

C. Influenza

Where does digestion start?

A. Mouth

B. Anus

What happens in your esophagus

A. Nothing

B. acids called enzymes break down the bolus (ball of food) even more.

What is the correct path of Food?

A. Mouth, Esophagus, liver, stomach, large intestine, anus

B. Mouth, liver, anus, esophagus, small intestine, large intestine

C. Mouth, Esophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, anus

D. Mouth, Esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, anus

How long does it take the bolus to travel through the small intestine?

A. A minute

B. 12 hours

C. An hour

D. A couple of seconds

Which is longer? the small intestine, or the large intestine

A. Same length

B. Small intestine

C. Large intestine

Which answer choice is not an enzyme?

A. Bile

B. Salivary Glands

C. Stomach Acid

D. Saliva

True or false: bile is an enzyme that breaks down fat.



What flap in your throat flops over when we eat, so food doesn’t get stuck in our lungs?

A. Epiglottis

B. Villi

C. Teeth

D. Tongue

Where does digestion end?

A. Mouth

B. Anus

What are the tiny finger-like things that get nutrients into the blood stream?

A. Villi

B. Bile

C. Fingers

D. Saliva

Which of the following answers is a useless organ?

A. Appendix

B. Liver

C. Stomach

D. Small intestine


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