BTEC Biological Approach Revise Quiz


Messages are sent around the brain and body via

A. Blood

B. Sensation

C. Neurons

D. Genes

G…… are inherited from parents

A. Good taste

B. Genes

C. God

D. giggling

Neurons are separated by a tiny gap called

A. Neuron

B. synaptic cleft

C. Receptors

D. cortical spacing

Brain scans reveal high levels of amygdala activity when individuals

A. Saw people fighting

B. Angry Faces

C. Happy Faces

D. Heard music

fMRI EEG and eye tracking are

A. unreliable tools

B. tools used to inform neuromarketing

C. don’t know

D. inexpensive marketing tools

The gene linked to the inheritance of aggression is

A. SKY Gene

B. CFTR Gene

C. MAOA gene

D. ABC Gene

Total brain volume is greater in

A. Women

B. Men

C. Zombies

D. Dolphins

At about 6 weeks the SRY gene does what ?

A. causes the embryo to develop testes.

B. causes the embryo to develop as ovaries.

C. Causes the embryo to deform

D. Causes the embryo to sing

Neurochemistry is

A. chemical processes that occur within the brain

B. Hormonal processes that occur within the brain

C. Genetic mutations

D. Neurons

A persons Genotype is

A. Their actual genetic makeup

B. The effect of environment on behaviour

the motor cortex controls

A. Emotion

B. Movement

C. Sensation

D. Sleep

amygdala volume can predict

A. Non aggressive responses

B. Aggressive behaviour

C. The level of testosterone

D. Sex drive

speech production is localised to

A. Broca’s area

B. Wernicke’s areas

C. Corpus colusum

D. frontal lobe

differences can be seen in the brains of adult men and women



C. sometimes

D. Never

Phenotypes are

A. Your actual genetic makeup

B. Your unique sexual characteristics

C. influenced by the unique circumstances of the person

D. Don’t know

SRY gene is found on the

A. X chromosome

B. Y chromosome

C. Both chromosomes

D. don’t know

According to the biological approach thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all controlled by …b ……………

A. The Body

B. The head

C. The brain stem

D. The brain

The thalamus is bigger in

A. Men

B. women

C. Dolphins

D. Apes


A. Small gaps in the brain

B. chemical messenger

C. Synapic openings

D. don’t know

The somatosensory cortex controls

A. controls heart rate

B. Sleep

C. controls sensation

D. controls movement

Broca’s aphasia: Autopsies revealed damage to

A. In the left hemisphere

B. In the right hemisphere

C. occipital lobe

D. temporal lobe

gender refers to

A. Your biology

B. socially constructed roles

The CNS is made up of the

A. Heart Liver and Lungs

B. Emotions

C. Thinking

D. the brain and spinal cord


A. the structure of the nervous system, including the brain.

B. the structure of the nervous system but not the brain

C. Only the Brain

D. I need to revise

People that produce fluent speech which is often bizarre and disconnected from their surroundings have

A. Broca’s Aphasia

B. Wernicke’s Aphasia

C. General Aphasia

D. No Aphasia


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