Medical Quiz

Diseases & Disorders Quiz


To which body system is diabetes linked?

A. Nervous

B. Digestive

C. Endocrine

D. Muscular

___________________ diabetes is when the body does not use insulin properly.

A. Type 1

B. Type 2

C. Gestational

Which of the following can cause the various types of diabetes?

A. Inherited risks from family

B. Hypertension during pregnancy

C. Lifestyle

D. All of the above

Multiple Sclerosis is a potentially disabling disease of the ______________.

A. Endocrine system

B. Cardiovascular system

C. Central Nervous System

D. Integumentary System

Which term refers to the nature of a disease?

A. Prognosis

B. Diagnosis

C. Etiology

D. Pathology

Bronchodilators, a type of asthma medication, work by ________________.

A. Reducing the number of airborne particles that enter the airways.

B. Opening the airways and making it easier to breathe

C. Reducing inflammation in the airways

Which condition of asthma causes the tightening of the bands of muscles around the airways, decreasing airflow?

A. Excess mucous

B. Inflammation

C. Muscle constriction

Around what age does Parkinson’s Disease typically present itself?

A. Pre-adolescent

B. 20 to 40

C. 41 to 55

D. 60 or older

Which term refers to the study of the causes of a disease?

A. Etiology

B. Pathology

C. Prognosis

D. Diagnosis

Which condition of asthma causes the airways to redden and swell, decreasing airflow?

A. Muscle constriction

B. Excess mucus

C. Inflammation

Parkinson’s disease involves…

A. the death of nerve cells around the spinal cord

B. the malfunction of body systems

C. the malfunction and death of nerve cells in the brain

Parkinson’s disease is:

A. A chronic and progressive disease of the endocrine system

B. A chronic and progressive disease of the central nervous system

C. A chronic and progressive movement disorder

D. A chronic and progressive disease of the integumentary system

The hormone that regulates blood sugar levels is:

A. Glucosamine

B. Glucose

C. Insulin

D. Pheromone

Which organ makes insulin?

A. Pancreas

B. Kidney

C. Gall Bladder

D. Liver

Which term refers to techniques and tests used to identify a disease?

A. Pathology

B. Prognosis

C. Diagnosis

D. Etiology


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