Genetics Quiz


What is the physical expression of a trait?

A. Gene

B. Genotype

C. Genetics

D. Phenotype

What are small stretches of DNA that code for traits
A. Nucleus
B. Chromosomes
C. Gene
D. Centromeres

Which mutation is most likely classified as neutral?

A. a mutation that contributes to the aging process

B. a mutation that causes cells to become cancerous

C. a mutation that is automatically repaired by an organism

D. a mutation that is caused by environmental exposure

A characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring
A. inherited trait
B. chromosome
C. pedigree

The form of an inherited trait that masks the other form of the same trait.
A. dominant trait
B. recessive trait
C. purebred
D. hybrid

Which is an example of an inherited trait in humans?

A. Having short hair

B. Having blue eyes

C. Speaking English

D. Being polite

What percent of offspring should be purebred recessive?

A. 25%

B. 50%

C. 75%

D. 100%

The passing of genetic traits from parent to offspring is called
A. cross-pollination
B. cross-breeding
C. heredity
D. genetics

What relationship exists between genes and chromosomes?

A. Genes are located on chromosomes which are found in the nucleus of cells.

B. Genes produce chromosomes which transmit traits from one generation to another.

C. Genes are made up of chromosomes which move from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.

D. Genes and chromosomes produce alleles which determine the phenotype of offspring.

The parents (Ff and Ff) shown in the Punnett square could have children with a phenotype ratio of

a. 3:1

b. 1:2:1

c. 4:0

d. 2:2

In peas, seed pods can be green (G) or yellow (g). The Punnett square shows a cross between a plant with green seed pods and a plant with yellow seed pods.

What will happen if two of the offspring plants are crossed?
A. All the plants will have green seed pods.

B. All the plants will have yellow seed pods.

C. 75% of the plants will have green seed pods, and 25% of the plants will have yellow seed pods.

D. 50% of the plants will have green seed pods, and 50% of the plants will have yellow seed pods.

True or False: Mendel used pea plants because they grow quickly and have distinctly different colored flowers.



Which term is used to describe a natural change in the sequence of an organism’s DNA?

A. Adaptation

B. Alteration

C. Modification

D. Mutation

“The Great White Shark was 20 feet in length.  Phenotype or Genotype?
A. phenotype
B. genotype

The gene for black fur in guinea pigs is dominant over the gene for white fur. What is the percent chance of having an offspring with white fur in a cross between a black guinea pig and a white guinea pig (Bb x bb)?

A. 25%

B. 50%

C. 75%

D. 100%

Genotype or Phenotype: ff

A. Genotype

B. Phenotype

To ensure scientific results are valid, what should you do during an experiment?

A. Conduct multiple trials.

B. Change hypothesis to fit result.

C. Have more then one independent variable.

D. Ignore results.

This phenotype is more likely to be prominent in offspring
A. Genotype
B. Dominant genotyp
C. Recessive Phenotype
D. monotypes

Where are genes located?

A. on cells

B. in cells

C. on chromosomes

D. what?

How can the genotype “ee” be expressed?

A. Homozygous Dominant

B. Homozygous Recessive

C. Heterozygous Dominant

D. Heterozygous Recessive

Jamie inherited his height from his parents. What determines Jamie’s height?

A. Nucleus

B. Cytoplasm

C. Genes

D. Chloroplast

There are usually 46 chromosomes in a human
A. sperm cell.
B. egg cell.
C. DNA molecule.
D. body cell.

True or False: Self pollination is when a male plant and a female plant cross pollinate



Genetics is the study of

A. anatomy

B. heredity

C. cardiology

D. all of the above

When you cross two parents, each parent is responsible for passing _______ of their two alleles for each individual trait.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4


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