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An organism that inherits two different alleles from its parents

A. dominant

B. recessive

C. homozygous

D. heterozygous

An organism’s appearance is known as its

A. heredity

B. phenotype

C. genotype

D. pedigree

Which of the following genotypes is heterozygous?

A. Hh


C. hh

D. Hy

What describes the goal of genetically engineering crops?

A. to make the product more expensive to purchase

B. to reduce the amount of genetic diversity

C. to develop new pathogens for humans

D. to increase yield and profit

What are the levels of organization in the human body from smallest to largest?

A. tissues, cells, systems, organs

B. organs, tissues, cells, systems

C. organ systems, organs, tissues, cells

D. cells, tissues, organs, organ systems

Sperm from one plant fertilizes the eggs of the same plant in
A. cross-pollination
B. cross-breeding
C. self-pollination
D. self-breeding

Y for yellow body is dominant over y for blue body.  What alleles would produce yellow bodies?
A. YY,yy
B. Yy,yy
C. YY only
D. YY,Yy

When do recessive alleles show their effect in an organism’s traits?

A. In the presence of a dominant allele

B. Only in heterozygous combinations

C. Only in homozygous recessive traits

D. In all types of genetic combinations

Which system contains muscles and bones?

A. nervous

B. musculoskeletal

C. digestive

D. respiratory

Hydrangea plants of the same genotype are planted in a large flower garden. Some of the plants produce blue flowers and others pink flowers. This can be best explained by which of the following?

A. the knowledge that multiple alleles are involved

B. the allele for blue hydrangea being completely dominant

C. the alleles being codominant                    

D. environmental factors such as soil pH

A dog gives birth to 5 puppies. What percentage of the chromosomes does each puppy share with the mother?

A. 25%

B. 50%

C. 75%

D. 100%

Which of the following describes the ability of a single gene to have multiple phenotypic effects?

A. incomplete dominance        

B. roan × roan           

C. white × roan          

D. red × roan

Black fur in mice (B) is dominant to brown fur (b). Short tails (T) are dominant to long tails (t). What fraction of the progeny of crosses BbTt × BBtt will be expected to have black fur and long tails?

A. 1/16

B. 1/3

C. 1/2

D. 1/4

What is the phenotype of the flowers with the ‘aa’ genotype?

A. Purple

B. Pink

C. White

D. Red

Traits that are not inherited, but do affect the phenotype

A. generational

B. inherited

C. genotypical

D. acquired

(Grey fur (G) is dominant over white fur (g) and Black eyes (B) are dominant over red eyes(b))
A male rabbit GGbb crossed with a female rabbit with ggBb.

How many out of 16, have grey fur and red eyes?

A. 4

B. 8

C. 12

D. 16

Which condition is expressed by the Punnett Square?

A. Codominance

B. Heterozygous Dominance

C. Homozygous Dominance

D. Incomplete Dominance

Why do some people believe that using genetic engineering techniques to produce superior animals and plants is unethical?

A. It can change the natural course of evolution.

B. It interferes with the health of organisms.

C. It damages the natural environment.

D. It can limit the amounts of food for humans.

Hemophilia is a recessive sex-linked trait. If H = normal & h = has hemophilia, which genotype represents a male with hemophilia. 



C. XhXh

D. XhY 

An organism that inherits two of the same alleles from its parents

A. dominant

B. phenotype

C. heterozygous

D. homozygous

What phase of mitosis is occuring in the picture?

A. Prophase

B. Metaphase

C. Telophase

What is an allele?

A. A type of chromosome

B. A version of a gene

C. A cell division process

D. A genetic disorder

The exact genetic makeup of an organism, such as RR, Tt, PP is its?
A. phenotype
B. dominance
C. genotype
D. trait

What are the possible genotypes of the F2 generation according to the diagram?

A. AA, Aa, aa

B. AA, aa

C. Aa, aa

D. AA, Aa

The study of Heredity
A. science
B. genetics
C. english
D. gene


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