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What is the physical expression of a trait?

A. Gene

B. Genotype

C. Genetics

D. Phenotype

Neither allele is dominant so the traits tend to blend

A. incomplete dominance

B. complete dominance

C. codominance

D. predominance

A change in the genetic code of an organism and can be caused by radiation and chemicals

A. genetic engineering

B. selective breeding

C. mutation

D. codominant

What are the levels of organization in the human body from smallest to largest?

A. tissues, cells, systems, organs

B. organs, tissues, cells, systems

C. organ systems, organs, tissues, cells

D. cells, tissues, organs, organ systems

Traits that are always displayed no matter what the other allele is

A. dominant

B. recessive

C. genetic

D. acquired

Which of the following is NOT a trait you can inherit?
A. your athletic ability
B. your eye color
C. your hairstyle
D. your height

Sex linked traits affect which biological sex more frequently?

A. Female

B. Both sexes equally

C. Male

“The Great White Shark was 20 feet in length.  Phenotype or Genotype?
A. phenotype
B. genotype

This type of phenotype is less likely to be prominent in offspring
A. Dominant genotype
B. Recessive genotype
C. Dominant phenotype
D. Recessive phenotype

A phenotype is

A. Dominance

B. Physical appearance

C. Recessiveness

D. Letter Combinations

A segment of DNA that codes for a trait is called

A. gene

B. chromosome

C. genotype

D. genie

The passing of genetic traits from parent to offspring is called
A. cross-pollination
B. cross-breeding
C. heredity
D. genetics

The gene for black fur in guinea pigs is dominant over the gene for white fur. What is the percent chance of having an offspring with white fur in a cross between a black guinea pig and a white guinea pig (Bb x bb)?

A. 25%

B. 50%

C. 75%

D. 100%

Colorblindness is a recessive, X chromosome sex-link disorder. Cross the parents to figure out which percentage of their offspring will be colorblind.

A. 25%

B. 0%

C. 75%

D. 50%

Hydrangea plants of the same genotype are planted in a large flower garden. Some of the plants produce blue flowers and others pink flowers. This can be best explained by which of the following?

A. the knowledge that multiple alleles are involved

B. the allele for blue hydrangea being completely dominant

C. the alleles being codominant                    

D. environmental factors such as soil pH

When you cross two parents, each parent is responsible for passing _______ of their two alleles for each individual trait.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

A structure that contains genes- humans have 23 pairs

A. genes

B. chrysanthemums

C. geneology

D. chromosomes

Which of the following describes the ability of a single gene to have multiple phenotypic effects?

A. incomplete dominance        

B. roan × roan           

C. white × roan          

D. red × roan

Genotype or Phenotype: Freckles

A. Genotype

B. Phenotype

Which of the following is the best statement of the use of the addition rule of probability?

A. the probability that two or more independent events will both occur

B. the probability that two or more independent events will both occur in the offspring of one set of parents

C. the probability that either one of two independent events will occur

D. the probability of producing two or more heterozygous offspring

An organism that inherits two different alleles from its parents

A. dominant

B. recessive

C. homozygous

D. heterozygous

True or False: Self pollination is when a male plant and a female plant cross pollinate




A. an organism that has 2 different alleles for a trait

B. a pair of chromosomes carrying genes that determine whether a person is male or female

C. a change in a gene or chromosome

D. a gene carried on the X or Y chromosome

What is the genotype of the mother?


B. bb

C. Bb

D. BB or Bb

What does heterozygous mean?

A. An organism that has the same genes for a trait (TT or tt)

B. An organism that has different genes for a trait (Tt)

C. When neither gene is fully dominant; offspring is a mixture of both

D. the different forms of a trait (hair color–> brown, blonde, red


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