Medical Quiz

Mechanical Digestion Quiz


What is the function of canines?

A. Tearing

B. Cutting

C. Grinding

D. All of the above

These teeth are big and strong to help you grind food so it can be swallowed.

A. wisdom teeth

B. canines teeth

C. molars teeth

D. premolar

what happen when bacteria get into space between teeth

A. tooth decay

B. periodontal disease

C. ulser disease

D. cavities

In order to keep teeth strong and healthy you should always brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing what?

A. fluoride

B. calcium

C. antibacterial

D. none of the above

what is the function of premolar

A. bitting off pieces of food

B. similar function to incisors

C. tearing and grinding food

D. chewinv and grinding food

what is the best way to prevent tooth decay

A. visit the dentist every 6 months

B. avoid eating sugar

C. brushing teeth

D. go for a check up

How many adult teeth does a typical human adult have?

A. 30

B. 32

C. 20

D. 36

______ is the pink area around my teeth.

A. tooth

B. gums

C. plaque

D. cavity

What hard, tough, and shiny substance covers the teeth?

A. wax

B. diamond

C. keratin

D. enamel

which one of these is pulp cavity

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

what process did teeth carries out?

A. absorption

B. assimilation

C. mechanical digestion

D. chemical digestion

where did the process of mechanical digestion occurs?

A. occurs in stomach

B. occurs in the mouth (teeth) through a process mastication

C. occurs in alimentary canal

D. occurs in chemical breakdown

what is pulp cavity

A. outer layer of the crown of the tooth

B. space in the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels

C. a layer that sticks to your teeth and gum

D. a layer of cement fixes the root of the tooth

The pulp at your teeth contains ______, which send messages to the brain if your ice pop is too cold.

A. blood vessels

B. nerves

C. brain waves

D. none of the above

What is the function of incisors?

A. For cutting

B. For grinding

C. For swallowing

D. None of the above


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