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HFT Vitamins Quiz


This vitamin is not found naturally in plant based foods so vegans may struggle to get enough?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin B12

The 3 anti-oxidant vitamins that can prevent cell damage caused by free radicals are?

A. B, C, E

B. A, C, E

C. B, B, C

Which vitamin (often found in orange fruits/veg) can help improve normal vision particularly night vision?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitain B complex

C. Vitamin C

Which vitamin can help to prevent scurvy and helps your body absorb the mineral iron?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin D

This vitamin helps your body to absorb the mineral calcium?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin D

Vitamin B complex (the B vitamin group), has the following function (job) in the body?

A. Helping prevent gum disease

B. Helping the body convert food into energy (metabolism)

C. Helps improve vision particularly night vision

You can help retain the vitamin content of foods by cooking them this way?

A. Steaming

B. Boiling

C. Simmering

Which foods are a good source of Vitamin C?

A. Red meat and dairy

B. Citrus fruits and broccoli

C. Nuts and beans

Which vitamin is know as the sunshine, because when your skin is exposed to sunlight it can make this vitamin from cholestorol?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B complex

C. Vitamin D

Folic acid or folate is also know as which vitamin?

A. B12

B. C

C. B9

Some foods contain vitamin D – a good food source is?

A. Soft drinks

B. Fruit

C. Oily fish

The water soluble vitamins that are not stored in the body are?

A. Vitamin B & C complex

B. Vitamin A,D,E,K

C. Vitamins A, C, E

D. Vitamin D and K


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