Medical Quiz

Medical Terminology Quiz


Word Roots are the

A. Main idea or structure of the term

B. Source of all evil

C. Represent the time, location, number,

D. Descriptor of the term

Physician that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases/disorders if the immune system

A. Pathologist

B. Immunologist

C. Epidemiologists

D. Pediatrician

What does “Brady-” mean?

A. Understated

B. Slow

C. Stop

D. Movement

What does “Idiopathic” mean

A. Disease of unknown cause

B. Disease of a known cause


A. gum

B. stomach

C. quad

D. old age

The chest is the ________ cavity.

A. inguinal

B. abdominal

C. thoracic

D. dorsal

What is the correct breakdown of the word osteoarthritis

A. oste/o/arthr/itis

B. oste/o/arthritis

C. osteo/arthritis

D. oste-o/arthr-itis


A. surgical removal

B. joint

C. involuntary contraction

D. spacemen

Clinical term for cells in your blood that help your blood to clot

A. Thrombocyte

B. Leukocyte

C. Erythrocyte

D. white blood cell

Prefix referring to the gallbladder

A. Hepato

B. Gastro

C. Cholecyst

D. Recto

When writing a word root by itself, its combining form is used, which of the following is correct?

A. Dermat/o

B. Dermat

C. Dermat-o

D. Derma/to

Adipo- means?

A. Muscle

B. Carbohydrate

C. Protein

D. Fat

What does “-rrhea” mean?

A. Blood

B. Flow

C. Occlusion

D. Liquid

cut into

A. blephar-

B. -otomy

C. -ectomy

D. megal-

Which medical term means to the front?

A. Supine

B. Anterior

C. Lateral

D. Inferior

Removal of the spleen

A. Splenectomy

B. Nephrectomy

C. Tonsillectomy

D. gastrectomy

Term meaning without symptoms

A. Idiopathic

B. Asymptomatic

C. Prodrome

D. Pathogenic

What is the proper word the following: hypo-, -emia, glyc/o,

A. Hypoglycemia

B. Hypo-glyc/o-emia

C. Hypo–emiaglyc/o

D. Hypoeniaglcyo

Anatomical term for armpit

A. Olecranon

B. Rectum

C. thoracic

D. axilla


A. enter-

B. cardi-

C. -itis

D. angi-


A. liver

B. joint

C. enlarged

D. tumor

If some has liver disease it is called

A. hepatomegaly

B. hepatoplasty

C. hepatopathy

D. hepatology

A prefix is used to describe

A. Location, time, number, status

B. Structure, location, alignment, type

C. Procedure, purpose, location, type

D. Location, direction, alignment, status

What does the root word ‘osteo’ refer to?

A. Joints

B. Bones

C. Stomach

D. Lungs

This term refers to fat

A. glucose

B. Insuln

C. Lipid

D. Saliva


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