Medical Quiz

Medical Terminology Quiz


If a _________ begins with a consonant, then _____ a combining vowel

A. suffix, use

B. word root, use

C. suffix, do NOT use

D. word root, do NOT use

A suffix is used to describe

A. procedure, condition, disorder, disease

B. date, time, location, condition

C. anything, but only when a prefix is used

D. number, location, condition, procedure

What does “Dorsal” mean?

A. Front

B. Back

C. Head

D. Side

What is the proper word the following: hypo-, -emia, glyc/o,

A. Hypoglycemia

B. Hypo-glyc/o-emia

C. Hypo–emiaglyc/o

D. Hypoeniaglcyo

______ specialize in searching for the cause of disease, identify at risk people, and determine how to stop spread

A. Pathologist

B. Epidemiologists

C. Immunologist

D. Microscope technician

what suffix denotes the presence of inflammation?

A. Ectomy

B. Plasty

C. Itis

D. Lateri

backward, behind

A. forward

B. pseudo

C. retro

D. sub


A. freely

B. free fluids

C. fasting blood sugar

D. sugar

Anatomical area referring to behind the knee

A. Popliteal

B. Axilla

C. Patella

D. Olecranon

ad lib

A. ambulate

B. freely

C. admission

D. history

Clinical term for RBC

A. leukocyte

B. Erythrocyte

C. Thrombocyte

D. Platelets

Inflammation of the tonsils

A. hepatitis

B. Fasciitis

C. Tonsillitis

D. Cholecystitis


A. ambulate

B. body mass index

C. backward

D. below, under

What does “-rrhea” mean?

A. Blood

B. Flow

C. Occlusion

D. Liquid



B. forward

C. four

D. under, below

Term meaning without symptoms

A. Idiopathic

B. Asymptomatic

C. Prodrome

D. Pathogenic

the suffix -logy, means

A. Study of

B. Specialist of

C. Absence of

D. Pertaining to

What does a pathologist specialize in?

A. Diagnosing and treating disorders of the feet

B. Diagnosing and treating disorders in children

C. Diagnosing disease by examining body tissue specimens in the lab

D. identifying people who are risk of contracting a disease

Specialized cells in your blood that help your blood to clot

A. Red blood cells

B. White blood cells

C. erythrocytes

D. Platelets

Prefix referring to the side

A. Latero

B. Peri

C. Hyper

D. Ab

Prefix referring to the arm

A. Peri

B. Brachi

C. Axilla

D. Popliteal

Cyst- means:

A. Pancreas

B. Bladder

C. Spleen

D. Lymph

Which of the following root words relates to this image?

A. Ger-

B. Cost-

C. Acr-

D. Acou-


A. gingiva

B. glyco

C. woman

D. gastro

Clinical term for fever

A. Hyperglycemia

B. Hypertension

C. Pyrexia

D. Purulent


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