Medical Quiz

Medical Terminology Quiz


Anatomical term for the chest

A. Thoracic

B. cholecyst

C. axilla

D. Popliteal

Combining vowels change the meaning of a medical term.




A. -rrhexis

B. -plegic

C. -ceps

D. -lyisis

What is the correct breakdown of the word osteoarthritis

A. oste/o/arthr/itis

B. oste/o/arthritis

C. osteo/arthritis

D. oste-o/arthr-itis

Adipo- means?

A. Muscle

B. Carbohydrate

C. Protein

D. Fat

Term meaning early signs or symptoms

A. Prodrome

B. Etiology

C. Warning signs

D. Asymptomatic

Any molecule that triggers an immune response

A. Pathogen

B. Antigen

C. bacteria

D. Penicillin

Lying in a face down position is

A. supine

B. superior

C. inferior

D. prone

If some has liver disease it is called

A. hepatomegaly

B. hepatoplasty

C. hepatopathy

D. hepatology

Clinical term for cells in your blood that help your blood to clot

A. Thrombocyte

B. Leukocyte

C. Erythrocyte

D. white blood cell

Term meaning without symptoms

A. Idiopathic

B. Asymptomatic

C. Prodrome

D. Pathogenic

What does the suffix ‘-genic’ refer to?

A. Inflammation

B. Study of

C. Forming or causing

D. Blood condition

What does the medical term acute mean?

A. An illness that lasts a short time

B. An illness that lasts a long time

C. Having an illness that cannot be cured

D. When the symptoms of a disease get better (but not cured)

lways ad an _______ to any suffix beginning with r

A. r

B. a

C. e

D. o

What is the anatomical term for knee cap?

A. Olecranon

B. Patella

C. Popliteal

D. Rectum

2 tablets PO bid for 10 days = ______ tablets

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 40

What does the root word ‘osteo’ refer to?

A. Joints

B. Bones

C. Stomach

D. Lungs

Where would you find a suffix in a medical word?

A. At the start

B. In the middle

C. At the end


A. doormat

B. skin

C. plastic

D. joint


A. intestines

B. path

C. stomach

D. ribs



B. forward

C. four

D. under, below

What part of the body would thie prefix ‘gastr’ be talking about?

A. Bowel

B. stomach

C. Small intestine

D. Colon

Specialized cells in your blood that help your blood to clot

A. Red blood cells

B. White blood cells

C. erythrocytes

D. Platelets

Clinical term for fever

A. Hyperglycemia

B. Hypertension

C. Pyrexia

D. Purulent

Prefix referring to the side

A. Latero

B. Peri

C. Hyper

D. Ab


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