Medical Terminology Quiz


A word part is

A. not a complete word

B. is a complete word

C. needs to have another part to be a complete word

D. Is a complete word, but only if it has a meaning


A. ad lib

B. as soon as possible

C. ambulate

D. admission


A. free fluids

B. fasting blood sugar

C. freely

D. history

Prefix referring to the gallbladder

A. Hepato

B. Gastro

C. Cholecyst

D. Recto

Inflammation of the tonsils

A. hepatitis

B. Fasciitis

C. Tonsillitis

D. Cholecystitis

What type of infection is acquired while a patient is in the hospital?

A. Pathogenic infection

B. Sinus jnfection

C. Nosocomial infection


Word Roots are the

A. Main idea or structure of the term

B. Source of all evil

C. Represent the time, location, number,

D. Descriptor of the term


A. gum

B. stomach

C. quad

D. old age

Removal of the spleen

A. Splenectomy

B. Nephrectomy

C. Tonsillectomy

D. gastrectomy

______ is a microorganism that causes infection

A. Pathogen

B. Antigen

C. Prodrome

D. microscope

Clinical term for WBC

A. erythrocyte

B. Thrombocyte

C. Leukocyte

D. Platelets


A. stomy

B. stasis

C. scope

D. sclerosis

A prefix is used to describe

A. Location, time, number, status

B. Structure, location, alignment, type

C. Procedure, purpose, location, type

D. Location, direction, alignment, status

Clinical term for RBC

A. leukocyte

B. Erythrocyte

C. Thrombocyte

D. Platelets

A root word must have a _______ to be complete term

A. Suffix

B. Prefix

C. Another root

D. combining vowel

When writing a word root by itself, its combining form is used, which of the following is correct?

A. Dermat/o

B. Dermat

C. Dermat-o

D. Derma/to

Olecranon is the anatomical term for what body part?

A. Armpit

B. Mouth

C. Behind the knee

D. Elbow

What is the proper word the following: hypo-, -emia, glyc/o,

A. Hypoglycemia

B. Hypo-glyc/o-emia

C. Hypo–emiaglyc/o

D. Hypoeniaglcyo

Symbols are

A. used in place of common words as a form of shorthand

B. used in place of medical terms as a form of short hand

C. not really used anymore due to technology

D. abbreviations formed from the first letter of each word or phrase

What does a pathologist specialize in?

A. Diagnosing and treating disorders of the feet

B. Diagnosing and treating disorders in children

C. Diagnosing disease by examining body tissue specimens in the lab

D. identifying people who are risk of contracting a disease


A. gum

B. old age

C. stomach

D. sugar

What is the anatomical term for knee cap?

A. Olecranon

B. Patella

C. Popliteal

D. Rectum

______ is a condition that is free of pathogens

A. Pathogen

B. Microscopic organism

C. Sepsis

D. Asepsis

Which prefix means fast

A. hyper-

B. brady-

C. tachy-

D. hypo-

Latin words describe

A. Anatomical Structures

B. Anatomical Positions

C. Anatomical Problems

D. Anatomical Numbers


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