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tiny projections from he epithelial cells of the villus, observed by the electron microscope

A. cilia

B. hypha

C. villus

D. micro-villi

choose the number of the label that refers the palisade tissue

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Do fungi have a cell wall?

A. Yes

B. No

Parents pass their traits down to the offspring through their _____________.

A. daughter cells

B. son cells

C. body cells

D. gametes

The wall of the left ventricle is thicker than that of the right ventricle



When you twist this part of your limb, the bones located within it actually cross over each other.

A. Thigh

B. Forearm

C. Leg (below the knee)

D. Upper arm

Which of the following is NOT a trait you can inherit?
A. your athletic ability
B. your eye color
C. your hairstyle
D. your height

Salmonella is a…

A. Fungus

B. Virus

C. Bacteria

plasma represents…….. % of the total blood plasma

A. 54

B. 64

C. 74

D. 84

What does a virus have on the inside?
A. DNA, but never RNA
B. RNA but never DNA
D. neither DNA or RNA

……. is from the trace elements( micro-nutrients) needed by the plant.

A. phosphorus

B. nitrogen

C. chlorine

D. Sulphur

its middle layer is less thick and there are less elastic fibers

A. artery

B. vein

C. blood capillary

D. blood platelet

………. is located at the connection between the 2 atria with the 2 ventricles

A. sino-atrial node

B. atrio-ventricular node

C. pacemaker

D. semi lunar valves

the backflow of blood stops in veins by …….

A. valves

B. muscles

C. heartbeats

D. lymphatic vessels

what organic material is used to date fossils

A. sulfur

B. phosphorous

C. carbon

D. nitrogen

What is the MAIN reason animals engage in play behavior?
A. to socialize
B. to strengthen family bonds
C. to learn about each other
D. to learn skills like hunting

……….. element is from the macro-nutrients

A. Aluminumm

B. nitrogen

C. oxygen

D. chlorine

An allele or gene that always shows is
A. recessive
B. dominant
C. hidden
D. present

Which is an example of a learned characteristic?
A. Color of a dog’s fur
B. A mouse successfully running a maze
C. Color-blindness
D. Blinking your eyes several times a minute

The process by which oxygen enters directly into the living organism from the surrounding air and CO2 is released

A. gas exchange

B. cellular repiration

C. hydrolysis

D. phosphorylation

The different forms of genes are known as
A. environment
B. probability
C. traits
D. alleles

A species is…

A. A group of people with similar categories that reproduce.

B. A group of living things that can breed with each other.

C. A group with similar characteristics that reproduce to form fertile offspring.

D. A group that all look very familiar but that can also make more of themselves.

Which taxon has the most diversity within it group?

A. Genus

B. Phylum

C. Family

D. Species

….. illustrates the elevation of water inside the xylem vessels for short distances

A. capillarity phenomenon

B. imbibition phenomenon

C. adhesion

D. transpiration pull

An example of a prokaryotic cell is?

A. Bacteria

B. rose pedal

C. animal skin

D. human skin


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