Biology Quiz


The tiny subunits in the lung where gas exchange occurs are called

A. Saccules

B. Alveoli

C. Bronchioles

D. Trachites

Which type of cell is shown here?
A.     Prokaryote
B.     Eukaryote
C.     Neurone
D.     Allosteric

The most basic unit of a living organism is…

A. A box

B. A cell

C. A cellular component

D. A battery

what type of bonding holds the atoms in a water molecule together

A. hydrogen

B. covalent

C. ionic

D. none of the above

Solutions that contain concentrations of H+ ions lower than pure water ___.

A. have pH values below 7

B. are acids

C. are bases

D. all of the above

Yeast is an example of…

A. Animal

B. Plant

C. Fungi

D. Protoctist

What does reproduce mean?
A. They grow – get larger
B. They are living things
C. Organisms make other organisms

the movement of water through the semi-permeable membrane from a high-concentrated area to a low concentrated area of water.

A. diffuisin

B. selective permeability

C. osmosis

D. imbibition

Cell specialization in multicellular organisms allows cells to

A. respond to their environment.

B. reproduce.

C. perform different functions & increase efficiency

D. be less complex.

the blood vessel which pulsates is ……

A. artery

B. vein

C. blood capillary

When salt is dissolved in water, salt is the ___.

A. solvent

B. reactant

C. solute

D. solution

_____________________ is the field of science that studies of how traits are passed on, or inherited.
A. dominant traits
B. ratio
C. phenotype
D. genetics

A bark, snort, growl, and hoot are all examples of what type of communication 
A. non-verbal communication
B. verbal communication
C. short distance communication
D. aggressive communication 

Which organ is not considered part of the digestive system?

A. Spleen

B. Colon

C. Pancreas

D. Small Intestine

An organism’s genetic makeup
A. Homozygous
B. Mutation
C. Allele
D. Genotype

Heredity is the passing of traits from _____________________ to _____________________
A. predators to prey
B. water to rain
C. parents to offspring
D. fungi to protists

Which of the following genotypes is heterozygous?
A. Bb
C. bb
D. B

………is/are from proteins which are located inside the blood plasma

A. albumin

B. globulin

C. fibrinogen

D. all the previous

Dominant alleles are represented by a:
A. Male gene
B. lowercase letter
C. recessive trait
D. capital letter

The blood under great pressure will rush from the left ventricle to the …………. through semi-lunar valve

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 6

…………. plays an important role in acidity neutralization in the small intestine

A. bile juice

B. pepsin

C. trypsin

D. sodium bicarbonate

the lost of root hairs are regenerated from the …. in the root .

A. cortex

B. epidermis

C. elongation zone

D. xylem

An evenly distributed mixture of two or more substances is a ___.

A. bond

B. solution

C. combination

D. solvent

A protoctist that causes malaria.

A. Plasmodium

B. Algae

C. Amoeba

D. Chlorella

The function of ribosomes is

A. makes energy

B. makes protein

C. stores genetic information

D. allows materials in and out of the cell


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