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Biology Quiz


the no. of the structure that secretes bile

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 5

What is the study of small living things

A. Genetics

B. Marine Biology

C. Botany

D. Microbiology

is a substance that is able to absorb water

A. lignin

B. pectin

C. cutin

D. muocus

Which type of cell is shown here?
A.     Prokaryote
B.     Eukaryote
C.     Neurone
D.     Allosteric

In which part of the human body Thymus gland is located?

A. Between both cerebrum

B. Located above heart

C. Behind Hypothalamus

D. In throat

all of the molecules are organic EXCEPT

A. glucose

B. oxygen

C. protein


The science that deals with the composition, properties, reactions, and the structure of matter.

A. Physics

B. Chemistry

C. Biology

D. Astronomy

a person suffers from the inflamation of the appendix , his blood shows an increase in the nuber of ……

A. enzymes


C. Platelets


Which taxon has the most diversity within it group?

A. Genus

B. Phylum

C. Family

D. Species

the product of digestion which pass through the lymphatic route are poured into the ……..

A. hepatic portal vein

B. superior vena cava

C. inferior vena cava

D. villi

Tissue makes
A. cells.
B. organs.
C. systems.
D. organelles.

This part of the brain controls your automatic breathing

A. Pons

B. Cerebellum

C. Cerebrum

D. Medulla

Why are viruses considered to be nonliving organism?
A. they do not have genetic information
B. they are not able to move on their own
C. they do not interact with their environment
D. they are no able to reproduce without a host cell

If a solution has a pH of 3.5, it is considered ___.

A. acidic

B. basic

An allele or gene that always shows is
A. recessive
B. dominant
C. hidden
D. present

biology helps to comprehend and interpret the human body temperature and that aides someone to know….

A. how to respond

B. what to eat

C. how to sleep comfortably

D. all of above

This picture is a good example of
A.     Growth
B.     Development
C.     Organelle
D.     Cell

the no. of the structure that transfers thwe blood from the heart to the 2 lungs is

A. 6

B. 7

C. 8

D. 10

Any process in living things that requires or uses energy is _.

A. reproduction

B. adaptation

C. metabolism

D. development

which one of the following is NOT the significance of biology

A. production of medicines

B. production of clones

C. production of food

D. production of micro chips to be inserted in human bodies

A dog rolls over and gets a treat, so she rolls over again. This is an example of a…
A. learned behavior
B. inherited behavior
C. physical trait
D. instinct

The currency of stored energy in the cell





the lost of root hairs are regenerated from the …. in the root .

A. cortex

B. epidermis

C. elongation zone

D. xylem

What property of water allows water molecules to stick together

A. cohesion

B. polarity

C. hydrogen bonding

D. covalent bonding

The cells of the epithelial lining of the ileum absorb ….. by engulfment

A. protein

B. starch

C. fat granules

D. vitamins


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