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the lost of root hairs are regenerated from the …. in the root .

A. cortex

B. epidermis

C. elongation zone

D. xylem

What property of water allows water molecules to stick together

A. cohesion

B. polarity

C. hydrogen bonding

D. covalent bonding

What is the study of small living things

A. Genetics

B. Marine Biology

C. Botany

D. Microbiology

What is an organism that consists of more than one cell?
A. unicellular
B. multicellular
C. nucleus
D. Organelle

Which of these is a LEARNED behavior?

A. a peacock courting

B. a whale migrating

C. a dog sitting when told to

D. a turtle hatchling crawling towards the ocean

choose the number of the label that refers the palisade tissue

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

When the two alleles of a particular gene are the same:

A. homozygous

B. genotype

C. heterozygous

D. phenotype

Aa, DD, Bb, yy are all examples of

A. genotypes

B. phenotypes

Which of these is NOT an essential biological macromolecule?
A. lipids
B. proteins
C. carbon dioxide
D. carbohydrates
E. nucleic acids

the tissue that is responsible for making the plant’s stem strong an elastic is …..

A. cambium

B. starch sheath

C. phloem

D. pericycle

What does a bacterial cell have that an animal cell doesn’t?

A. Flagella

B. Cytoplasm

C. Cell membrane

___ bonds share valence electrons with other atoms.

A. Covalent

B. Ionic

C. Electronic

D. Conductive

Any process in living things that requires or uses energy is included in _.

A. development

B. reproduction

C. cell organization

D. metabolism

What is not part of a bacterial cell?

A. Cell wall

B. Capsule/slime layer

C. Cell membrane

D. Nucleus

Cell specialization in multicellular organisms allows cells to

A. respond to their environment.

B. reproduce.

C. perform different functions & increase efficiency

D. be less complex.

The cells of the epithelial lining of the ileum absorb ….. by engulfment

A. protein

B. starch

C. fat granules

D. vitamins

During cellular respiration, glucose is converted to _.

A. sugar

B. sunlight


D. water

Which of the following is a common part of all cells?
A. mitochondria
B. nucleus
C. plasma membrane
D. cell wall

which type of the following foods doesn’t need the digestion process

A. proteins

B. fats

C. glucose

D. starch

Do fungi have a cell wall?

A. Yes

B. No

(6-3.5) Some male birds perform elaborate dances in order to attract females. This is an example of _______.
A. camouflage
B. insight
C. courtship
D. mimicry

Which one of these is NOT one of the characteristics of living things?
A. All living things eat.
B. All living things reproduce.
C. All living things require energy for life processes.
D. All living things respond to the environment/stimuli.

if something has a pH of 3 it is an

A. acid

B. base

C. neutral

Who is Gregor Mendel

A. an Austrian Monk from the mid 1800s who contributed to the study of Genetics

B. The scientist who discovered the structure of DNA

C. a British scientist who discovered penicillin

D. The scientist who used X-Ray Crystallography to shed light on the structure of DNA

Aphid insect obtains its food from the plant by penetrating its piercing mouthparts inside the ….. tissue.

A. palisade

B. pith

C. spongy

D. epidermal


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