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Biology Quiz


……..,is not considered from the digestive system accessory glands

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5

What does reproduce mean?
A. They grow – get larger
B. They are living things
C. Organisms make other organisms

Which of the following is a behavior?
A. running when startled
B. having very sharp teeth
C. having a good sense of smell
D. having long legs

what type of bonding holds the atoms in a water molecule together

A. hydrogen

B. covalent

C. ionic

D. none of the above

Which of the following is NOT a trait you can inherit?
A. your athletic ability
B. your eye color
C. your hairstyle
D. your height

Which BEST compares bacteria and viruses?
A. bacteria are smaller than viruses
B. bacteria cause disease, but viruses do not
C. bacteria are living organisms, but viruses are not
D. bacteria have genetic material, but viruses do not

Biology is important in almost every field of life/profession



………. is located at the connection between the 2 atria with the 2 ventricles

A. sino-atrial node

B. atrio-ventricular node

C. pacemaker

D. semi lunar valves

the no. of the structure that transfers thwe blood from the heart to the 2 lungs is

A. 6

B. 7

C. 8

D. 10

What are the building blocks of matter in our universe?

A. Atoms

B. Cells

C. Protons

D. Neutrons

What is the study of small living things

A. Genetics

B. Marine Biology

C. Botany

D. Microbiology

What does a bacterial cell have that an animal cell doesn’t?

A. Flagella

B. Cytoplasm

C. Cell membrane

All living things are composed of. . . .(building blocks of living things)

A. Energy

B. Cells

C. Atoms

D. Bugs

Which of these is NOT an essential biological macromolecule?
A. lipids
B. proteins
C. carbon dioxide
D. carbohydrates
E. nucleic acids

the oxidation of 1 molecule of glucose produces energy of …..ATP

A. 20

B. 28

C. 30

D. 38

Which type of cell is bigger?

A. Prokaryotic

B. Eukaryotic

C. Virus

D. Bacteriophage

Tt is-
A. homozygous dominant
B. homozygous recessive
C. heterozygous
D. none of these

The process whereby an organism produces more of its own kind
A. development
B. adaptation
C. homeostasis
D. reproduction

the 1st stable compound that is produced in the photosynthesis





…………., is the circular movement of the cytoplasm inside the sieve tubes and companion cells

A. capillarity phenomenon

B. cytoplasmic streaming

C. root pressure

D. Transpiration pull

……….. element is from the macro-nutrients

A. Aluminumm

B. nitrogen

C. oxygen

D. chlorine

………causes the exudation of water from the plant stem, when it is cut near the soil surface.

A. transpiration pull

B. capillarity phenomenon

C. root pressure phenomenon

D. cohesion

All of the following are learned EXCEPT:
A. reading a book
B. sneezing
C. using a knife and fork
D. avoid poison ivy

The blood that reaches the brain cells, leaves the heart from the ……….

A. right atrium

B. right ventricle

C. left atrium

D. left ventricle

Biology is the study of

A. materials

B. bio molecules

C. life

D. evolution


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