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What does a bacterial cell have that an animal cell doesn’t?

A. Flagella

B. Cytoplasm

C. Cell membrane

Which form of reproduction requires two parents to contribute to the formation of the new individual?

A. sexual

B. asexual

the 1st compound that results from the digestion process in man is ………

A. glucose

B. sucrose

C. maltose

D. amino acid

the 1st stable compound that is produced in the photosynthesis





DNA and RNA are examples of _.

A. genetic information

B. energy

C. reproduction

D. cell organization

When the two alleles of a particular gene are the same:

A. homozygous

B. genotype

C. heterozygous

D. phenotype

What is the definition of behavior
A. animal’s response to a stimulus
B. animal’s type of communication
C. animal’s care of offspring
D. animal’s main characterisitics

All eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells are surrounded by a …

A. cell wall

B. cell membrane

C. cell envelope

D. loving, supportive family

the gastric juice in human works on the ………….

A. starch

B. proteins

C. fats

D. vitamins

What is the study of plants?

A. Botany

B. Zoology

C. Ornithology

D. Oncology

What are the building blocks of matter in our universe?

A. Atoms

B. Cells

C. Protons

D. Neutrons

………… is the movemnt of any substance across the cell membrane by using chemical energy.

A. diffusion

B. selective permeability

C. osmosis

D. active transport

Plants carry out saprotrophic nutrition.



The currency of stored energy in the cell





the water reaches to the top of high trees according to the phenomenon of …..

A. imbibition

B. capillarity

C. cohesion, adhesion& transpiration pull

D. root pressure

the reaction that occur during the photosynthesis process inside the grana

A. the dark reactions

B. the light reactions

C. metabolism

D. phosphorylation

the no. of the structure that transfers thwe blood from the heart to the 2 lungs is

A. 6

B. 7

C. 8

D. 10

during the closing of the 2 valves between the 2 atria & the 2 ventricles a ……….. sound is produced

A. short &sharp

B. rough&long

C. sharp & long

D. rough &short

What does a virus have on the inside?
A. DNA, but never RNA
B. RNA but never DNA
D. neither DNA or RNA

When salt is dissolved in water, salt is the ___.

A. solvent

B. reactant

C. solute

D. solution

the layer which performs photosynthesis process in the stem is the ….

A. epidermis

B. cortex

C. cambium

D. medullary rays

A dog rolls over and gets a treat, so she rolls over again. This is an example of a…
A. learned behavior
B. inherited behavior
C. physical trait
D. instinct

Which gland is helpful in increasing blood calcium levels?

A. Thymus gland

B. Thyroid gland

C. Pineal gland

D. Parathyroid gland

This picture is a good example of
A.     Growth
B.     Development
C.     Organelle
D.     Cell

the process in which the combination of ADP molecule with a phosphate group by means of high energy bond occurs

A. photosynthesis

B. catabolism

C. nutrition

D. photosynthetic phosphorylation


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