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Immune System Quiz


What activates fibrinogen?

A. Thrombin

B. Prothrombin

C. Fibrin

Which of the following systems protects the body from disease?

A. Digestive System

B. Nervous System

C. Immune System

D. Skeletal System

What is the name of the largest lymphatic organ in the body?

A. Antibodies

B. Spleen

C. Pathogen

D. Antigen

If you are feeling ill and the doctor prescribes you some antibiotics to help you feel better, you are infected with a _______

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

What is the job of the immune system?

A. help us think

B. help us move

C. keep us healthy

A disease in which the body produces antibodies that attack its own tissues, leading to the deterioration and in some cases to the destruction of such tissue.

A. allergen

B. antigen-antibody reaction

C. autoimmune disorder

D. anaphylaxis

The system that delivers oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide.

A. respiratory

B. skeletal

C. lymphatic

D. digestive

The innate immunity is

A. specific

B. non – specific

Small blood vessels that diffuse oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients.

A. heart

B. arteries

C. veins

D. capillaries

What can happen when germs invade the body?

A. biodiversity

B. infection

C. eukaryote

What type of cell produces antibodies when we encounter a foreign pathogen for the second time?

A. Memory cells

B. T-cells

C. B-cells

D. Plasma cells

These blood vessels take oxygenated blood to the body cells.

A. heart

B. artery

C. vein

D. capillary

___________are very small things that often cause infections.

A. Vitamins

B. Viruses

C. Fever

A body system that works to keep the organism healthy.

A. infection

B. bacteria

C. immune system

Produced by B cells and designed to mark antigens to be destroyed.

A. Antigens

B. Active Immunity

C. Antibodies

D. Antibiotics

These cells make antibodies

A. T cells

B. Phagocytes

C. Pathogens

D. B cells

The outer covering of the body.

A. fever

B. allergies

C. skin

Common microscopic organisms.

A. immune system

B. viruses

C. bacteria

As seen in many patients with lupus, the hallmark “butterfly rash” appears

A. On the chest or back

B. Across the nose and cheeks

C. Across the pelvis

D. Between the shoulder blades

Lympocytes is a white blood cells that generate specific immune responses



Who is most effected by Graves Disease?

A. Men

B. Women

Innate immunity includes

A. The first line of defence and the second line of defence

B. All lines of defence

C. Phagocytes only

D. Innates

White blood cells that help rid the body of parasites by injecting them with toxic substances.

A. B cells

B. leukocytes

C. eosinophils

D. neutrophils

Which of the following is an example of active immunity?

A. You get a vaccination

B. You create antibodies

C. You get infected

D. All of these are correct

Type I hypersensitivities is

A. Immediate

B. Antibody dependant

C. Immune complex

D. Cell mediated


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