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Immune System Quiz


White blood cells are the main cells of the immune system.  Where are they produced?

A. Bone marrow

B. Veins & arteries

C. Stomach

D. None of the above

Produces antibodies to fight the antigen and marks the antigen

A. Macraphage

B. T Cells

C. B Cells

When the same pathogen ever attacks the body again lymphocytes will recognize it and quickly produce….

A. antigens

B. antibodies

C. pathogens

Alpha Receptor is a group of receptors that controls relaxation of the bronchial.



A body system that works to keep the organism healthy.

A. infection

B. bacteria

C. immune system

_______________ can make you sick.

A. Germs

B. Nutrients

C. Biodiversity

What can happen when germs invade the body?

A. biodiversity

B. infection

C. eukaryote

Which cell destroys body cells that have already been invaded by a pathogen?

A. B cells

B. T cells

C. phagocytes

D. interferon

Who is most effected by Graves Disease?

A. Men

B. Women

Neutrophils flatten and squeeze between endothelial cells.

A. Margination

B. Leukocytosis

C. Chemotaxis

D. Diapesis

Proteins that help get rid of infections.

A. antibodies

B. skin

C. allergies

What activates fibrinogen?

A. Thrombin

B. Prothrombin

C. Fibrin

The outer covering of the body.

A. fever

B. allergies

C. skin

The white blood cells that engulf pathogens that are inside of the body are

A. interferons

B. lymphocytes.

C. T cells

D. phagocytes

It is a macroorganism that causes or can cause diseases

A. Antibody

B. Pathogen

C. Immunity

D. Antigen

Which of the following are signs and symptoms associated with myasthenia gravis?

1. Double vision
2. Weakness of neck muscles
3. Drooping of eyelids
4. Temporary muscle fatigue

Correct Answer

A. 1, 2, 3

B. 1, 2, 3, 4

C. 3, 4

D. 2, 3, 4

Which is an example of a human’s first line of defence?

A. Mucus

B. Fever

C. Coagulation cascade

D. Vasocontraction

E. A and C are true

Regulatory T-Cells are components of the immunes system that suppress immune responses of other cells



It is a small amount of killed or weakened virus.

A. medicine

B. cells

C. vaccine

If you are feeling ill and the doctor prescribes you some antibiotics to help you feel better, you are infected with a _______

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

Lympocytes is a white blood cells that generate specific immune responses



An ________ occurs when a virus or microorganism enters the body.

A. infection


C. allergies

Which describes the protein molecules that trigger the immune response?

A. antigen

B. antibody

C. antibiotic

D. pathogens

Antibodies can make it easier for phagocytes to destroy pathogens by causing the pathogens to

A. produce enzymes

B. clump together

C. burst open

D. shrivel up

The main function of this system is to protect us from infection and disease.

A. digestive system

B. Immune system

C. respiratory system


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