Medical Quiz

Immune System Quiz


Which cell destroys body cells that have already been invaded by a pathogen?

A. B cells

B. T cells

C. phagocytes

D. interferon

Antibodies can make it easier for phagocytes to destroy pathogens by causing the pathogens to

A. produce enzymes

B. clump together

C. burst open

D. shrivel up

Which of the following works to prevent viruses from reproducing in healthy body cells?

A. antibodies

B. interferons

C. complement proteins

D. antibodies

The type of immunity that is produced in response to a specific pathogen infecting your body is called

A. genetic immunity

B. inherited immunity

C. active immunity

D. passive immunity

Which of the following prevents pathogens from ever entering the body?

A. skin

B. sneezing

C. immunity

D. antibodies

Which of these best describes the function of complement proteins?

A. causing pathogens to clump

B. weakening pathogen membranes

C. stimulating healthy cells to produce enzymes

D. causing an inflammatory response

In an immune response, what is the main function of the circulatory system?

A. to send chemical signals and transport immune cells

B. to trap pathogens and attract phagocytes

C. to stimulate infected cells and release interferons

D. to produce inflammation and activate B cells

The white blood cells that engulf pathogens that are inside of the body are

A. interferons

B. lymphocytes.

C. T cells

D. phagocytes

White blood cells that help rid the body of parasites by injecting them with toxic substances.

A. B cells

B. leukocytes

C. eosinophils

D. neutrophils


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