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Immune System Quiz


What is the job of the immune system?

A. help us think

B. help us move

C. keep us healthy

A Phagocyte is a type of white blood cell (WBC).



People are given vaccines so their bodies can produce…

A. antigens

B. pathogens

C. antibodies

What is the name of this process?

The same pathogen ever attacks the body again, the lymphocytes recognize it and produce antibodies.

A. Active inmmunity

B. antigens

C. pathogens

D. antibodies

Is mucus chemical or mechanical barrier?

A. Chemical

B. Mechanical

Alpha Receptor is a group of receptors that controls relaxation of the bronchial.



Which statement about antibodies is correct?

A. antibodies are polypeptides

B. antibodies are produced by bone marrow

C. antibodies are pathogenic foreign substances

D. antibodies kill bacteria but not virus

Adaptive immunity includes

A. B memory cells, Antibodies, T cells

B. Antibodies only

C. Skin, Mucus, Cilia, Stomach acid

D. Adaptives

In an immune response, what is the main function of the circulatory system?

A. to send chemical signals and transport immune cells

B. to trap pathogens and attract phagocytes

C. to stimulate infected cells and release interferons

D. to produce inflammation and activate B cells

An ________ occurs when a virus or microorganism enters the body.

A. infection


C. allergies

Lupus is a form of:

A. Infection

B. Cancer

C. Influenza

D. Auto-immune disorder

Which of these best describes the function of complement proteins?

A. causing pathogens to clump

B. weakening pathogen membranes

C. stimulating healthy cells to produce enzymes

D. causing an inflammatory response

Clotting factors…

A. cause platelets to become sticky and adhere to the damaged region

B. cause platelets to become less sticky and adhere to the damaged region

C. cause platelets to become sticky and adhere to other platelets

D. cause platelets to become less sticky and adhere to other cells

There are more than one type of blood cell.



White blood cells are the main cells of the immune system.  Where are they produced?

A. Bone marrow

B. Veins & arteries

C. Stomach

D. None of the above

If you are feeling ill and the doctor prescribes you some antibiotics to help you feel better, you are infected with a _______

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

All pathogens contain special markers on them called…

A. antigens

B. cells

C. pathogens

HIV stands for…

A. Human Immunodeficiency Virus

B. Human Immune Virus

C. Have Infected Viral Disease

The system that delivers oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide.

A. respiratory

B. skeletal

C. lymphatic

D. digestive

___________are very small things that often cause infections.

A. Vitamins

B. Viruses

C. Fever

The type of immunity that is produced in response to a specific pathogen infecting your body is called

A. genetic immunity

B. inherited immunity

C. active immunity

D. passive immunity

When the same pathogen ever attacks the body again lymphocytes will recognize it and quickly produce….

A. antigens

B. antibodies

C. pathogens

Which of the following prevents pathogens from ever entering the body?

A. skin

B. sneezing

C. immunity

D. antibodies

All of above are signs and symptoms of type1 diabetes except,

A. Fatigue

B. Extreme hunger

C. decrease thirst

D. slow-healing sores

What does SLE stand for?

A. Systolic lupus erythropenia

B. Systemic lupus erythematosus

C. Stop losing everything

D. A. Synovial lupus erythema


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