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Immune System Quiz


Adaptive immunity includes

A. B memory cells, Antibodies, T cells

B. Antibodies only

C. Skin, Mucus, Cilia, Stomach acid

D. Adaptives

When an antibody fits into an antigen, the pathogen is…

A. strong

B. disabled

C. out

Antibodies can make it easier for phagocytes to destroy pathogens by causing the pathogens to

A. produce enzymes

B. clump together

C. burst open

D. shrivel up

A dangerous immune response to a safe substance.

A. viruses

B. allergies

C. infection

The system that sends electrical signals to the heart that tell it to beat.

A. respiratory

B. lymphatic

C. nervous

D. digestive

The innate immunity is

A. specific

B. non – specific

What is formed when a lysosome and a vesicle fuse?

A. Phagolysosome

B. Lysophagosome

C. Leukolysosome

D. Phagoleukosome

What is a characteristic of antigens?

A. They stimulate the production of antibodies

B. They cause disease in humans

C. They are produced in bone marrows

D. They recognise forgein substances

Dendritic cells present the antigens of pathogens to…

A. activate T helper cell to identify the appropriate antibody.

B. activate B cell to produce the appropriate antibody

C. activate the T helper cell to produce the appropriate antibody

D. activate B cell to identify the appropriate antibody.

The __________system keeps the body healthy.

A. musculoskeletal

B. hypothesis

C. immune

A system that consists of a network of vein-like structures and glands that produce a substance called lymph.

A. Circulatory System

B. Digestive system

C. Lymphatic System

D. Immune System

Which of the following are signs and symptoms associated with myasthenia gravis?

1. Double vision
2. Weakness of neck muscles
3. Drooping of eyelids
4. Temporary muscle fatigue

Correct Answer

A. 1, 2, 3

B. 1, 2, 3, 4

C. 3, 4

D. 2, 3, 4

Which of the following best describes AIDS?

A. A virus that slowly destroys the immune system

B. A disease that is due to a weakened immune system

C. A bacterial infection that causes opportunistic infections

D. A virus similar to HIV

What initiates clotting?

A. clotting factors released by damaged cells

B. cytokines released by t-cells

C. the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin

D. the release of b-cells

These are examples of Chemical Defenses, except;

A. Acid

B. Enzymes

C. Cilia

D. Mucin

Produced by B cells and designed to mark antigens to be destroyed.

A. Antigens

B. Active Immunity

C. Antibodies

D. Antibiotics

What is the name of the largest lymphatic organ in the body?

A. Antibodies

B. Spleen

C. Pathogen

D. Antigen

Which statement about antibodies is correct?

A. antibodies are polypeptides

B. antibodies are produced by bone marrow

C. antibodies are pathogenic foreign substances

D. antibodies kill bacteria but not virus

Lympocytes is a white blood cells that generate specific immune responses



What is the immune system that attacks joint?

A. Type 1 diabetes

B. Psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis

C. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

D. All the above

Which cell destroys body cells that have already been invaded by a pathogen?

A. B cells

B. T cells

C. phagocytes

D. interferon

Leukocytes assume marginal positions in the blood vessels.

A. Leukocytosis

B. Margination

C. Diapesis

D. Chemotaxis

What causes your body to have an allergic response?

A. antibody

B. allergens

C. wbc

D. macrophages

Multiple Sclerosis is three times more likely to occur in men than women. True or False?



The system that delivers oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide.

A. respiratory

B. skeletal

C. lymphatic

D. digestive


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