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Mouth - Stomach Quiz


Which is NOT a function of the Digestive System?

A. To rid the body of solid waste

B. Absorb nutrients for energy & growth

C. Break down nutrients from food

D. Pump blood around the body

What is the term given to a ball-like mixture of food and saliva that forms in the mouth?

A. Peristalsis

B. Mucus

C. Epiglottis

D. Bolus

Cheilitis is an inflammation of the

A. Tongue

B. Lips

C. Stomach

D. Esophogus

The rhythmic muscular contraction that helps propel food through the alimentary tract is known as:

A. digestion.

B. peristalsis.

C. absorption.

D. excretion.

Where does digestion start?

A. stomach

B. mouth

C. esophagus

Enzymes (chemicals) in your saliva help break down food while chewing.  This is…

A. Mechanical digestion

B. Chemical digestion

The tube through which food passes through the body is called the

A. alimentary canal

B. digestive system

C. intestines

D. esophagus

Structure 17 is the

A. pancreas

B. liver

C. stomach

D. gall bladder

Structure 16 is the

A. pancreas

B. salivary glands

C. larynx

D. esophagus

What is the enzyme contained in the saliva?

A. Amylase

B. Pepsine

C. Hydrochloride acid

D. Lipase

What are the two components of the gastric juice?

A. Pepsine and hydrochloric acid

B. Saliva and bile

C. Bile and hydrochloric acid

D. Amyase and hydrochloric acid

portion of the tooth above the gumline

A. neck

B. crown

C. root

D. enamel

Muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach

A. Epiglottis

B. Peristalsis

C. Stomach

D. Esophagus

The teeth and tongue of the oral cavity break foodstuff down physically. This is an example of

A. mechanical digestion

B. chemical digestion

C. absorption

D. peristalsis

Which of the following is another name for the baby teeth?

A. Deciduous

B. Permanent

C. Wisdom

D. Secondary

What is the acidic fluid that passes from the stomach following churning?

A. Bolus

B. Chyme

C. Hydrochloric acid

D. Enzymes

How many permanent teeth do humans have?

A. 20

B. 30

C. 32

D. 42


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