Medical Quiz

Respiratory and Circulatory Quiz


Found in the heart and veins and prevents blood from flowing backwards.

A. valves

B. arteries

C. capillaries

D. marrow

The fluid that carries gases, nutrients, and wastes through the body.

A. blood

B. trachea

C. bile

D. oxygen

Where does oxygen from the respiratory system join the circulatory system?

A. alveoli and capillaries

B. bronchi and arteries

C. bronchioles and veins

D. diaphragm

What is NOT a function of your nose?

A. cools the air

B. filters the air

C. warms the air

D. moistens the air

Levels of organization from smallest to largest

A. organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism

B. cell, tissue, organelle, organ, organ system, organism

C. organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell, organelle

D. organism, organ system, organ, organelle, tissue, cell

The gas that we inhale and is needed by the cells of the body.

A. oxygen

B. nitrogen

C. carbon dioxdie

D. unleaded

The largest artery in the body

A. aorta

B. vena cava

C. pulmonary artery

D. carotid artery

Where air enters the body.

A. nose/mouth

B. alveoli

C. diaphragm

D. larynx

Which type of blood cell contains hemoglobin, which attaches to and delivers oxygen and water?

A. red blood cells

B. white blood cells

C. neutral blood cells

D. red and white blood cells

This organ pumps blood throughout the body.

A. heart

B. lungs

C. stomach

D. liver

The dome-shaped muscle that helps you breathe.

A. diaphragm

B. lungs

C. stomach

D. bicep

Tiny blood vessel that allows the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between respiratory and circulatory systems.

A. vein

B. ventricles

C. capiallary

D. artery

The blood is carried AWAY from the heart through these.

A. vein

B. ventricles

C. capiallary

D. artery

The system responsible for gas exchange of oxygen in and carbon dioxide out of the body.

A. Respiratory

B. Immune

C. Digestive

D. Nervous

Which is NOT a function of the circulatory system?

A. Deliver nutrients to cells from the small intestine

B. Deliver water to cells from the large intestine

C. Deliver oxygen to cells from the lungs

D. Remove oxygen from cells

Tube that connects the larynx to the bronchial tubes.

A. trachea

B. pharynx

C. lungs

D. diaphragm

Which is NOT a function of the respiratory system?

A. Deliver oxygen to the blood through the lungs

B. Remove carbon dioxide from the blood through the lungs

C. Deliver oxygen to the body

D. Produce sound and allow us to speak

The blood travels BACK TO the heart in this type of blood vessel.

A. vein

B. ventricles

C. capiallary

D. artery

These are the major organs of the respiratory system.

A. lungs

B. heart

C. brain

D. liver

These help you stop bleeding when you get a cut.

A. blue blood cells

B. platelets

C. white blood cells

D. red blood cells

The gas that we exhale.

A. carbon dioxide

B. carbon monoxide

C. oxygen

D. water

Carries deoxygenated blood AWAY FROM the heart to the lungs to pick up oxygen.

A. pulmonary artery

B. pulmonary vein

C. bicuspid artery

D. varicose vein

This is the fluid part of the blood.

A. plasma

B. platelets

C. white blood cells

D. red blood cells

Your “voice box”; where your vocal cords are located.

A. pharynx

B. larynx

C. alveoli

D. trachea

What type of blood cells fight infections and viruses?

A. blue blood cells

B. platelets

C. white blood cells

D. red blood cells


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